Damn sequence 9 & 10 were like NOTHING

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  3. Damn sequence 9 & 10 were like NOTHING

User Info: Joeydollaz

5 years ago#1
WTF was that about?

with 2 more sequences left I can already tell the Ending will be disappointing
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User Info: Klop_Job

5 years ago#2
The ending does suck.

User Info: PFirefly

5 years ago#3
With that attitude it will.
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User Info: OhhSnap

5 years ago#4
Well I wouldn't even consider it an "ending" but yeah. I didn't like it either. It wasn't anything close to conclusive
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User Info: Smirno

5 years ago#5
which none of the previous games in the series ever were
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User Info: Hades192

5 years ago#6
So it's about time! For conclusion

Anyway,still have yet to beat the game, as I'm on seq10myself

User Info: SuperShadowAce

5 years ago#7
You are correct. I'll post a copied summary someone who played every AC game made since it's a mess if you haven't.

Juno is a ***** who tried to take over the world after the first flare so they sealed her away. They also made a magic ball that would shield the entire earth but Juno used ***** writing to rig to to let her go upon its usage. Upon noticing that, they looked for another solution. Didn't work. Minerva's warning is that using the ball will free Juno while shielding the world, Desmond does it anyway and Juno takes over the world.
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  3. Damn sequence 9 & 10 were like NOTHING

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