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User Info: therealdman

7 years ago#1
One of the Thief challenges requires luring away three guard dogs with bait (something I never even thought to try!), and I am wondering what a reliable place is to find guard dogs. I remember seeing them here and there in the burnt down section of NY, but didn't find any when I went back. Anyone know of any reliable places where they spawn frequently?

User Info: nwtnsbstrdson

7 years ago#2
I would say by the chests... if you haven't looted them. I'm not at my game, so I really can't be any more specific.
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User Info: Golden_Fantasy

7 years ago#3
anyone have any solutions to this im also stuck here.
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User Info: Mooogleman

7 years ago#4

User Info: FindTheSecret

7 years ago#5
Mooogleman posted...

Let me post a pic where a dog ALWAYS spawns and where its easy to fast travel.

Edit: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/100/dogsld.jpg/

Fast travel to the harbor in Monmouth, then just walk/run where i marked the map.. There are ALWAYS 2 guards + 1 dog there. What makes this the best place is that there are bushes where you can hide when you walk there. Hide in the bushes, trow bait, fast travel again to the harbor, repeat. Shouldnt take you more then 2 minutes max.
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User Info: ukeguy808

7 years ago#6
How far are you in the game? If you've passed sequence 10 then replay the first mission in that sequence when you and Haytham jump into the window of the burnt building and come out the other side follow him until he jumps to the right when he does that just keep going forward and you'll see the guard dog. You can replay the mission as many times as you need to.
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