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User Info: Kaine852

8 years ago#1

Do you think the gameplay with the DS version will be the same like the WFC or like in the first and second movies where you play create-a-bot/construct-a-con?

User Info: natchu96

8 years ago#2
We didn't have construct-a-bot or whatever in WFC, did we?

User Info: BoSPaladin

8 years ago#3

In the first two games on the DS we kinda did have customization. The first one had it a whole lot more appearance wise, it had sandbox also.

The second one had a lot of customization, stats wise, but not sandbox. WFC had neither sandbox, nor a whole lot of customization.
Who knows right now, they've been switching it up each movie, I can't really be sure with the way they're jumping from gameplay.

User Info: Kaine852

8 years ago#4

Probably, the gameplay would be like ROTF since the game features worldwide locations but still, the second one kinda sucks compared to the other 2

User Info: spidey_fan

8 years ago#5
They kinda stepped in the right direction with WfC.
The only aggravating thing is the aggravating difficulty... Since I didn't even try to unlock Grimlock.
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

User Info: wwlover

7 years ago#6
WOW! Spidey _ fan! I admit the difficulty can be frustrating my friend...BELIEVE ME(OMEGA SUPREME)! I KNOW just how u feel! I thought about giving up a time or two, with these games myself! BUT, the REWARDS R sooooo WORTH IT MY FRIEND! Just getting to play as Grimlock, and SOUNDWAVE is nice, and fun!.....so U should try and make the effort, if u feel it is worth it my friend! Cuz, believe me, it iS!:)
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