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User Info: Callah26

7 years ago#1
Trying to get some more info on this game. Does anyone know if it is rail shooter again or has Wii finally done the right thing and tried to mirror the xbox? I have also heard this game is vehicle only - anyone know if this is true? Dont know if I want to waste the money buying it if that is the case.

User Info: mrk1976

7 years ago#2
Unfortunately, as usual, Activision's marketing department is more or less pretending the Nintendo versions of its new games don't exist. Therefore, very little information is out there.

What I have heard, though, is that the Wii and 3DS versions are identical (save for 3D of course), and are subtitled "Stealth Force Editions." They are being developed by Behaviour Interactive.

These editions are a racing/battle hybrid, where you can change from vehicle to "stealth mode," a version of the vehicle with weaponry. Unfortunately, it seems this version does not allow you to transform into robot form, as all the action is racing/vehicular.

Here is an interview with more information, and a few screenshots:


User Info: hymingoo

7 years ago#3
youll want to pass on this one. yes its vehicles only. you drive around like a normal car then when enemies are around you hit the button and you dont really transform but you kind of just raise up your weapons. when in the "transformed" mode theres no camera movement to look around. you can only move around like its the WASD keys for PC fps. just forward and back and strafing left or right.
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User Info: bluemanadrop

7 years ago#4
Does it support classic controller? There is just no info on this game out there.
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