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User Info: Ganados0

8 years ago#1

If Hasbro hasn't figured from the crap sales of previous TF games on Wii that we want something akin to the PS2 Armada game then they are deluded.

Think of allthe potential of this game has keeping in mind it's set between Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon rather then based on the movie itself, this opens all sorts of doors.

First up is that the Autobots have gained new members collectively called The Wreckers, they are Leadfoot, Topspin and Roadbuster, unless they are born in the film the game could feature what they did prior to the movie like maybe they hunted Seekers on earth, at the end of Revenge of the Fallen games Megatron raises a army maybe they are called in todeal with that, (it was meant to happen in the film too but was abandoned).

Second they have 'new' weapons, now the Autobots have 'stealth force' where their vehicle modes are armed with weapons though the first movie game beat them to the punch, in robot mode they have new mech techguns and swords, I think motion plus support would be awesome for characters like Optimus Prime with his energon blade, Sideswipe with his sword and Starscream now comes with dual swords which combine to form one.


User Info: stufa1978

8 years ago#2
I agree. Wii (lol) don't want another on rails shooter. We want online multiplayer vs Transformers. Get it right this time.

I wouldn't be surprised if Wii gets TF3 turned into a Pang clone. You know, Megatron has declared war. Stop him by bursting green balloons before the timer runs out.
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