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User Info: oceanic156

7 years ago#1
While I enjoyed the atmosphere and storyline of Metro 2033, the gunplay felt clunky and I thought the stealth was broken. Does Last Light improve in those areas?

User Info: WalrusIam

7 years ago#2
Yeah the stealth is this one is way better than Metro 2033, I find it quite fun sneaking around. It's been completely overhauled. I think the gunplay is about the same, although the majority of the gunplay I've experienced is with the monsters and that. I think the gameplay is quite similar to Metro 2033, you find yourself walking through dark corridors, trains and subways a lot. I think if you didn't like Metro 2033, you probably won't like this one. I personally really liked 2033, and so far am liking Last Light.

User Info: _Killzor_

7 years ago#3
Atmosphere and environments were much improved in MLL I would say. The gunplay is a lot smoother and animations are quicker and less chunky feeling. The stealth is too easy if you play it smart but I still thought it was satisfying.

Also the game is a lot better framerate wise. I can max it except for SSAA on 1080p with my 670.

User Info: JW ACE

7 years ago#4
First game was mediocre to me from an objective standpoint (I personally loved)

This game is leaps and bounds better in practically every way. Like most games from Ukrainian developers...its was a tad buggy at first but most seem fixed now.

Seriously...there were one or two levels in the first game that felt like a chore....that did NOT happen this game.

Now....again from my review/objective standpoint....it still has some issues. AND the setting is basically the same....Tunnels with occasional venture to the surface. Ammo conservation is key as well...that seems to turn a few people off (not me)
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User Info: oceanic156

7 years ago#5
Thanks for the info guys, I saw it on sale for $16 and decided to pick it up! i'm looking forward to playing it.

How is the DLC? Is any of it worth picking up too?

User Info: jakeDiLLa

7 years ago#6
The game has many improvements but still the same at the core. If you didn't like the first one at all then you won't like this one. If you liked the first one a little but thought it had too many annoyances then this one might be more enjoyable for you.

Personally its one of the better shooters I've played this past year. Far better than Bioshock Infinite and I'm tempted to also say Far Cry 3.
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