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User Info: SielCiel

9 years ago#1
Someone asked me to translate for them and I thought I'd share my attempt at a translation here too:


"His will... I'll be the one to try to fulfill it in his stead. That's all."

Height: 171 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Birthday: 4/14
BloodType: O
Ability: EXS of Darkness, "Void Red"
Weapon: Danretsu no Menzaifu

A high school boy who is the protagonist on this story. As he is attacked by the Void, he is helped by Linne and escapes death. Hyde, who, triggered by that, has awakened to the EXS's abilities, is forced by Linne to cooperate to fight together.

Since then, Linne has continued to stay at Hyde's house and for the sake her own goal, she is stuck spending the days fighting along with Hyde. Repeating their days like that over and over, the day on which the Under Night once again appears comes and Linne suddenly disappears.


"It's fine, isn't it? That is also the law of us "Yato". We will move on beyond the mountains and rivers of the dead."

Height: 141 cm (69/50/72)
Weight: 34 kg
Birthday: 3/11
BloodType: AB
Ability: EXS of Swiftness, "Speed Star"
Weapon: Unsigned/Nameless

A girl of unknown age who is the heroine of this story. By chance, she saves a student who had been attacked by the Void and was about to die. Humans who have been eaten by the Void become the "In-Birth". The student she saved, Hyde, was in the process of also awakening as another In-Birth.

Knowing of the ability of the student who woke up, Linne asks for his cooperation. "With that ability of yours, kill me...", she tells him.

The "Twirling Darkness", a woman who carries the name of "Amnesia", appears before the two.

"I'll be waiting at the "Abyss" of the next Under Night. We will settle it then, "Yato Princess"..."


"Battles are ruthless. Only power means anything. You'd best understand the powerlessness of those tiny arms!"

Height: 256 cm
Weight: 298 kg
Birthday: 9/15
Ability: EXS of Might, "Hecatoncheir"
Weapon: Goutessou "Hagun"

A mysterious old man who is said to have lived for hundreds of years. He acts together with Linne, the "Yato Princess", as someone related to the "Yato".

Speaking of that princess, due to how it seems that she lately has been attached to a helpless student who she apparently saved, he is revealing complex emotions similar to parental love for some reason.

In the midst of all this, Wald and his group are under the attack of Amnesia, the enemy of Yato.

The settlement will be during the next Under Night... Thus were the words left behind by one of their dying high-up member.

To not expose his master's life to danger, Wald resolves to set out to dispose of the source of the trouble. For the sake of his promise with his former friend and also brother to Linne, Kuon.

User Info: SielCiel

9 years ago#2

"Heheheh... Nice face you have. This really is the best. That pretty face is going to be distorted!"

Height: 175 cm
Weight: 61 kg
Birthday: 5/8
BloodType: B
Ability: EXS of Lifeblood, "Blood Spike"
Weapon: Rainblood

A youth who possesses the extremely unique ability said to be the manipulation of one's own blood. An outlaw who shows off his ability, whose goal is fighting itself, and who assails other ability users only because he finds them disgusting.

An ordinary night. Today, the man he defeated was a low ranking member of the group of ability users heard about in town recently, Amnesia. On the verge of death, that man's dying words are the name of Hilda of the "Twirling Darkness" and the mention that that woman is the strongest In-Birth. Hearing that, Carmine is delighted. There is someone happily running rampant with total disregard to oneself. For him, that was reason enough to crush that organization.

"How wonderful. I will absolutely not forget about this night and you. So accept your death gracefully."

Height: 163 cm (86/56/85)
Weight: 48 kg
Birthday: 10/7
BloodType: A
Ability: EXS of Innocence, "Thanatos"
Weapon: Ruler

A head of Licht Kreis, an organization that has for goal the extermination of the Void and the tranquility of the people. Having lost her parents at a young age, she exerts herself in the extermination of the Void in repayment of her gratitude for having been raised at a facility of that very organization and so that there will not be more children that end up with the same circumstances as her.

This time, under orders from the organization, she sets out to investigate the movement of the Under Night and the mass outbreak of the In-Birth and also to look for information on Amnesia, which continues to expand its influence with great force. In addition to that, she is also searching for the "Talking Void" that devoured her loving parents alive before her very eyes.


"The 'strongest', huh... Wishes long unfulfilled, the sweet echos that can be heard in the distant ethereality."

Height: 191 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Birthday: 6/23
BloodType: O
Ability: EXS of Avarice, "Snatcher"
Weapon: Devourer

A brawler feared as the "Ever-Victorious Mercenary" in the world of ability users. As his title says, he is often fighting as a mercenary on anyone's side, but his true intentions are completely unknown.

An atmosphere of unrest before the next "Under Night". The shadow of the "Re-Birth", said to surpass the "In-Birth". Perhaps in the center of this uproar, Gordeau found out about the silly plan of Hilda, who is an old friend, and Amnesia. To put a stop to that plan, without being hired by anyone, he hectically heads towards the "Abyss" of the night alone.

User Info: SielCiel

9 years ago#3

"A beast that only chases after the smell of its prey. Mayhap it merely devours everything."

Height: 210 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Birthday: ??/??
BloodType: ?
Ability: FLS of the Serpent, "Jormungandr"
Weapon: -----

A mysterious man(?) with an appearance that closely resembles that of a Void. With many who treat him as the ruins of what once was a "Re-Birth", an existence that surpasses the "In-Birth", and who have an interest in an existence that differs in such a way and being followed relentlessly by a woman who calls herself the "Twirling Darkness", the man with the appearance of a Void has recently been feeling a little annoyed.

Today's Under Night. With many In-Birth (ability users) having gathered, he senses the "Twirling Darkness" plotting something. Perfect.

He departs to the hunt, to the night where many In-Birth (food) have gathered. To satisfy the hunger of his body.


"Both our bodies are artificial. Therefore, I who is of the same existence will perform your last rites."

Height: 140 cm (70/49/69)
Weight: 32 kg
Birthday: ??/??
BloodType: ?
Ability: FLS of Servitude, "Restriction"
Weapon: Kouyoku "Nanaka"

An ancient living weapon that has the form of a human and is called Autonomic Nerve. She was one among the ones that were put to sleep in this land as the overseers of the Void and the Under Night since a time so long ago that it could be called an eternity.

Sensing the unnatural increase of In-Birth and sudden increase of EXS recently, she awakens from her long slumber. Driven by the program engraved in her, the awakened girl heads towards the "Abyss", the center of the Under Night.

Her purpose is the investigation and extermination of the cause that is eating away at the EXS. She recognizes both the Void and the In-Birth equally as enemies.


"You who have chosen to escape from your mission and to live in peace... Of what use are you to the world over here (the Under Night) now?"

Height: 169 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Birthday: 1/7
BloodType: O
Ability: EXS of the Chained[?], "Kerykeion"
Weapon: Twin Swords - Eliminator

An unidentified boy who is feared under the name "Assassin" by those who know of him. As if acting under the directions of someone, he appears before particular ability users and suddenly challenges them, but nobody knows his motives or exactly who he is. His whole background remains unclear.

As he catches mention of the name of the "Yato Princess", Linne, the expressionless assassin's face suddenly becomes cloudy.

Ever since that day, without being ordered to by anyone, he wanders the town in search of traces of the yet unseen princess.

User Info: SielCiel

9 years ago#4

"Whatever may have happened in the past, I am who I am. You, aren't you too tied up to unimportant things?"

Height: 169 cm (88/57/84)
Weight: 53 kg
Birthday: 7/20
BloodType: B
Abiliy: EXS of Scattering Flowers, "Ainsel Lost" [?]
Weapon: Ayamegatana - Kamijinohomare

A terribly dangerous girl who wanders the town night after night with a long sword as tall as her in hand. She was of a family of shrine guardians that had protected this land since ancient times, but only that single sword remains now and she has thrown away that duty.

Yuzuriha herself had heard about the Void and the Yato, but she dismissed them with a "Isn't that stupid?" Her parents had given up on the handing down of the knowledge.

Whatever a girl like her may be thinking, she heads toward the Under Night where are gathering the Void, the Yato, and the ability users.

"Why I'm going out tonight? Isn't that obvious? Because it looks like it'll be interesting!"

User Info: HokutoNoBen

9 years ago#5
Thanks for your work! Things are shaping up to be something interesting. Now, FB just has to do their part and actually provide more details...
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

9 years ago#6
Thanks for this. Does Danretsu no Menzaifu translate into anything?
They say one should not speak unkindly of the dead, so I say, "Nice try." ~ Lezard Valeth

User Info: SielCiel

9 years ago#7
It might be something like "Pardon of Severing". It undoes cuts?
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