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  3. Unknown error, what?

User Info: Virus100

8 years ago#11

User Info: 3sleider3

8 years ago#12
poodsniper posted...
im getting this error then it just sits there loading

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User Info: UltraMegaPerson

8 years ago#13
lastdual posted...
Was getting this error earlier so I switched to the PS3 beta, which hasn't had the same server issues as the 360 one. Unfortunately, the PS3 version is somehow even more buggy than the 360 one!

Taking a break for now. I'm either clipping through the ground or I can't connect at all. I know this is a beta, but let's be real: it's also a marketing tool. I really hope Dice cleans some of the more glaring issues up over the next few days...

Actually the 360 servers were the first to come back online this morning, the PS3 and PC ones were having issue.
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User Info: xbliveGaminTeen

8 years ago#14
I was playing earlier, took about an hour or so break, and now I am getting this message also.
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User Info: wha7leven

8 years ago#15
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User Info: spoty420

8 years ago#16

Someone really needs to write EA a letter asking why your servers suck. I know they know there servers suck because evryone says it, so why dont they do anything about it??!!
They have the money to fix it , but they dont because there wack! EA FIX YOUR S%$&!!!!

User Info: Bristow84

8 years ago#17
And this is why EA released a beta.
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User Info: jzero91

8 years ago#18
I see what EA did there. Now instead of having it say "Lost connection to EA's servers" it says "Unknown Error". Nice one EA.
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User Info: poodsniper

8 years ago#19
ya cause they have no idea what they are doing. im not wasting any more time on this crap

User Info: PenguinMafia

8 years ago#20
Two days in a row I can't play. Fun.
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