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User Info: th3hellz

8 years ago#21
bearinbluehouse posted...
Not only can I still not connect to the beta, I can't connect to EA's servers AT ALL - IN ANY OF THE GAMES I OWN.

So no online at all in BC2, MoH, NFS:HP, Dead Space 2, FIFA, NHL, Fight Night.....anything. This is beyond ridiculous - I spoke to EA support in live chat and they were useless, telling me basically 'we know, try again in a bit'.

It's bad enough that I didn't get my early access key and still can't access the beta, but to lose online functionality in every EA title I have.....seriously....?

I understand it's a single problem with one account that is preventing me from using all these different games, but it's BS all the same.

Happy, or unhappy to see I'm not alone.. I have exactly the same problem, everything was fine before bfbc2, the beta was working well, after the release the game was working "well"
but I was not able to have my Veteran status, so I searched on google for people with same problem and I found people giving help, so I tried a lots of stuff like create an EA account and linking my gamertag to it, without succes.... I finally discover the bug was from EA, so I do something, something VERY bad, I deleted my EA account.. (BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!) So I finally give up and continue to play the game. A month after I move into my new appartement, so no internet. The last Juanary I called for internet, I was so excited to play at BFBC2, when I got it I plug my ethernet wire into my xbox and I was ready to play and what I see ? all the DLC was 50% off, AMAZING I was thinking, I buy it all, download it and start the game and what a surprise to see a login window, so I enter my email and password... ERROR!

So I contacted the online support and the tech was telling me my EA account is deleted and my gamertag was linked to it so its why I cant be connected and he cant do anything for that, oh yes, I can do something, create a new gamertag and buy Gold account and a VIP acces justto play EA game... ridiculous...

So I started to haress them and finally fall on a "good" tech support (a girl named tina)
and she tried a LOTS of stuff to fix my problem, without succes. Now my EA account is screwed up, totally, all my persona is already taken even if not, and today i go into my account to see if something was new with the bf3 beta in my account, and gamertag name changed in temp9JS1ER041TQ

Even with that, it was written WELCOME HELLZ87 where the LOG OUT button is.
The day before I choose my gamertag hellz87 for my "default" name. And 15 minute before it was hellz87 but I click on this temp9JS1ER041TQ and now its my default name where LOG OUT... so I dont think I will play to this beta and full game soon... EA tech support destroyed my account and they are not able to fix it, reset it or whatever...

I even changed my gamertag, it was hellz911 and I changed for hellz87 to try to "unlink" my gamertag with my deleted ea account and for link my new with my new ea account, and nothing works.... Nway, I just post my experience with EA with you, You Are Not Alone (YANA... Doctor Who fan will understand ;p)

I will stay in contact with the tech support and haress them until my games work or until they give my money back (I dream I know..)

By the way english is not my primary language so dont be too severe with me ;)


good game everyone who can play BF, lucky guys ;p

User Info: bearinbluehouse

8 years ago#22
Good to know I'm not alone!

I have got an update too - I'm back on the servers! I was able to play some BF1943 and MoH last night, which means I should be able to use all my other EA games online now as well.

I know that EA's servers were down for some time, and I thought maybe I had over-reacted and that was the cause. However, I do know that while I was having this issue, there were a bunch of people on my friends list playing the BF3 beta, BC2 and the new FIFA - so my problems can't have been caused by all the servers being reset/down/whatever.

I didn't have to change any of my EA account details, although I did do some things like verify my email address and connect to facebook - although I don't honestly think any of that made a difference. I think it's more a question of waiting for EA to sort things out at their end.

I still can't log in to Origin (not sure if I'll ever really need to, mind) or Battlelog - and I still haven't been able to get a game in the beta.....still getting the 'Unknown Error' every time, despite constant dashboarding/reloading.

At least I can now play some BC2 while I wait, I guess it'll just take a bit more patience. Hang in there, and I hope your situation improves soon. Thanks for posting :)
Is that fear in your voice, Barbara?

User Info: wishface

8 years ago#23
I still cannot play this. I'm guessing this issue isn't a priority for EA.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

User Info: bearinbluehouse

8 years ago#24

I still cannot play the beta with my primary gamertag - nor can I access Battlelog.

However, I have a second gamertag - so I redeemed a 48 hour Live trial on it, and have been able to play the beta without issue. This just further goes to show that the issue is not with my console, or my internet connection, or my copy/download of the beta.

My second gamertag is attached to a different email address, but I use the same password to log in to EA and Battlelog.

I have spoken to EA support in live chat online, and was told that: "Some of the customers have reported this issue. Our developers are aware of it and are working for a resolution. We appreciate your patience while the issue is being looked into"

I was also assured that they were "escalating this issue to senior support and you'll get a reply within 24-48 hrs.regarding this."

I am expecting the response today, as it's the second day, and I'll post back with any updates.
Is that fear in your voice, Barbara?

User Info: The_Dopplegamer

8 years ago#25
I'm having the same issue. I've tried:

-Deleting my Cache
-Waiting 20 secs before hitting multiplayer
-Resetting my modem
-Opening the correct ports
-Fixing my date of birth on Battlelog

Nothing is working, and it's been 3 days.

If anyone happens to come across a fix, please let me know.

User Info: bumpingrindin

8 years ago#26

Add me to this list. Been trying since Saturday with no luck. Also noticed I can't sign in with any of my EA Accounts... no online for Madden NCAA etc. Talked to support Sunday, they told me "we know, wait a few hours and it'll be fixed." 2 days later... If I'd pre-ordered BF3 I'd be cancelling, this doesn't bode well for the game.

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