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  3. how to get in on Peacock without Double assist?

User Info: youngbro

6 years ago#1
i dont use double that why i ask, i feel you shouldnt have to counter-pick just to win.

So i play Fillia/Valentine (LP updo and Valentine projectile assist)

i was up against Peacock with Cerecopter assist

So how do you get in on peacock?
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User Info: Dragonage2ftw

6 years ago#2
Air dashes are your best friend when it comes to Peacock. It does require some timing in order to avoid the falling projectiles, but when you get in, she's a goner.

User Info: dmainev3

6 years ago#3
You're gonna want to use a TK savage bypass with Valentine and confirm into air super. I don't know how advanced your play is, but it's possible to otg Peacock if you do it right. Don't do it at full jump height, do it right below the peak of Valentine's jump.

Do it when:
you see Peacock whistle for shadow of impending doom, she's vulnerable during this time
after she throws George (her bomb) right as it hits the ground, she might be able to block but if you use scalpel super mid air, you should be able to start pressure because that move is safe, especially if you're right above your opponent
when she calls George in a boxcar, she's vulnerable for even longer than SiD.
if she does triple shots, that move is terrible and leaves her vulnerable for a long time
Valentine actually should have the easiest time getting in on Peacock without an assist.
Once your in, the invincibility on updo should beat cerecoptor so only use it when you see your opponent call out cerabella.

With Fillia,
You want to do an instant air dash at the start of the match if you play her on point. You should be using Hp and combo it into Hk and start your block string or combo from there. Once you're in, don't let up. The only thing Peacock can do to beat this is jump back Lp.
If you get pushed out:
Heavy hair drill at 3/4 screen to force Peacock to block or knock her down. Fillia lays down so she can dodge triple shot doing this.
Medium drill at half screen to do the same. Always for bombs and be ready to blcok.
Run in. Don't air dash at Peacock if your opponent uses airplane bombs. Simply jump over the ground based bombs as you need to and run in a little closer.
Your gregor samson super is vulnerable to bombs so don't use it to get past those.
Consider changing your Valentine assist to savage bypass to get in. It'll either take a hit in your place or cut Peacock down to size. Cover your assist with drill hair of the appropriate strength. Otherwise use regular throw for an assist. Valentine's projectiles are less than useless in a fireball war.

Air dashing gives Peacock an opportunity to teleport behind you and run away some more. If you run, you can stop in an instant and punish any teleport that's not protected by her bombs.

Source I play solo Peacock so I have to know how to handle rush down characters with no assist.
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