Salty August 15th Eliza almost finished Beowulf news

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User Info: KingSpica

3 years ago#1
i been trying to post some new news from the site i got but the site was

down so i didn't had any news but i got some news from YouTube on

Saturday they released a article today so here we go

At this week’s edition of Salty!, Lab Zero Games had a nice little present for fans of Skullgirls. During the event, lead designer Mike Zaimont showed off a new build of the game featuring upcoming character Beowulf.

While the current version of the character has no attacks implemented, Mike was able to show off some of his early movement animations. According to the team, it’ll take a few more weeks of work before they let him loose on the Endless Beta on Steam for players to test.

In addition to Beowulf, Mike also shared some updates on Eliza’s progress. As of the latest build, almost all of her animation frames are fully colored and shaded, save for a few effects for her level three super. Aside from that, all that remains to be done is to add the voice work for her Sekhmet mode as well as her bodyguards Albus and Horace.

The full archive from this event has been included below.
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User Info: vega2505

3 years ago#2
Hopefully she gets done soon, since the 360 version has locked stages that can't be unlocked until they patch it when they release Eliza.
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