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User Info: Zukkus

7 years ago#11
The Sniper Elite Kill Cam of the Week #1 appears to put a bullet through a scope:


However it may be old footage or manufactured by the devs.
"I just wasted a bullet. Don't waste your life." -Big Boss

User Info: casedawgz

7 years ago#12
My best one involved the bullet ricocheting around inside a guy's helmet and coming out of his throat.

User Info: johnny_pay

7 years ago#13
i shot a guy in the bum it travelled all the way up and out the top, he was bent over trying to run away he was just asking for it

User Info: sfcalimari

7 years ago#14
Triple kills are fun and look goofy.
things that work interest us less than things that don't.
--Adam Gopnik

User Info: HBKix

7 years ago#15
I don't think sniper guns and bullets were advance enough to penetrate more than 2 bodies back then but yeah fun to see. How'd u manage to get that?

A video I made showing some killcam montage.

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User Info: worldwar24

7 years ago#17
^ Sorry too many typos ... the weapons used in this game would easily go through two of us and the brick wall behind us.

User Info: synn1488

7 years ago#18
Hit a grenade mid air and got a 4 in 1 kill, i can't imagine me ever beating that.
The name is ironic, i am actually jewish.

User Info: Madelle

7 years ago#19
I headshotted a Russian running out of the Soviet command post and through freakish chance the bullet travelled through the doorway and inside the command post where it hit the grenade of one of the soldiers moving to exit the building. Boom. 6 kills. Glorious.

User Info: Rlessary

7 years ago#20
Trust me the rifles from that era could easily go through 5 people if it didn't hit something hard inside the body that changes its trajectory. The 50. cal rifle was designed to pierce through reinforced steel many inches thick to pierce a tanks engine block and stop it in its track. You hit someone with a 50 round they turn to pink mist.
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