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User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#1
Sega Rally Online Arcade is based around Sega Rally 3 the arcade machine.

Sega Rally 3:

Sega Rally Online Arcade = SROA
Sega Rally 3 = SR3
Sega Rally or Sega Rally Revo for XBOX 360 = REVO

SROA uses the 5 tracks from SR3. Some of these tracks share some sections taken from REVO. Here is a list of tracks REVO has that you will find these shared sections SR3 & SROA will have.

SR3 & SROA - Stage 1: Tropical
REVO - Tropical 2

SR3 & SROA - Stage 2: Canyon
REVO - Canyon 2

SR3 & SROA - Stage 3: Alpine
REVO - Alpine 1

SR3 & SROA - Bonus Course Lake Side. This is an all new track that is only found in SR3 and is not the same one found in REVO or Sega Rally 1995

SR3 & SROA - Desert 95. Believed to be a Time Attack only track for the Toyota Celica & Lancia Delta. It is unknown how these cars or the championship cars will feature for Online Play at this time... As you should know Desert 95 is a remastered version taken from the first ever Sega Rally (1995). Another remastered version of Desert 95 can be found in Sega Rally 2 for Dreamcast & PC.

SROA will be using the cars from mostly REVO & only 2 from SR3 with one being unique to SR3, so not all the cars are from SR3. 13 cars in all will be in SROA.

SROA Championship Cars:
1. Subaru Impreza WRX STi SpecC Type RA (REVO's Premier Class)
2. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FQ340 (REVO's Premier Class)
3. Citroen Xsara Rallycross "2004" (REVO's Premier Class)
4. Skoda Fabia Rally Car (REVO's Premier Class)
5. Ford Focus RS Rally Car (REVO's Premier Class)
6. Peugeot 207 Super 2000 "2007" (REVO's Modified Class)

The Peugeot 206 from Revo's Premier Class has been removed for the Peugeot 207 from REVO's Modified Class which is kind of strange...

SROA Bonus Cars:
7. Andorra Racer (REVO's Premier Class - Bonus Car)
8. McRae Enduro (REVO's Premier Class - Bonus Car & SR3 Bonus Car)
9. Baja Dune Buggy (REVO's Modified Class - Bonus Car)
10. Icelandic Racer (REVO's Master Class - Bonus Car)
11. Bowler Nemesis (Sega Rally 3 Bonus Car Only)

SROA Desert 95 Time Attack Cars:
12. Toyota Celica ST205 (REVO's Master Class & SR3)
13. Lancia Super Delta HF integrale "1992" (REVO's Master Class & SR3)

Preview video:

GDC 2011 coverage of SEGA Rally Online Arcade

User Info: Eric43

10 years ago#2
Nice thread, thanks for posting.
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#3
No probs.

Nice look at the first 2 stages of Sega Rally 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNR0w3YE7Lo

User Info: Ikaruga_DC

10 years ago#4
the video of the game running doesnt have the second external view that ive used on revo. The real sega rally view. Hope it makes it in cos that car takes up half of the screen.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#5
I'm sure your get used to it as I use the close up outside view if I fancy a lap with it on Revo. You have time to practice and I would do just that to get a head of your self. Think at this time it's a case of getting to know the tracks better and it won't be a problem at all. Safari 1 is a good course to get a feel for changing views and you can implement other skills on harder tracks as you progress.

See my 3rd lap: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fd6FGxpT0lE

I mean look back at Sega Rally 1995 and your see how close the car is on screen and why I use it. ;-)

I don''t think the view you use is in SR3 so may not be in SROA, or so I was reading from some where... Just 3rd person, bumper and hood I think... What is also going to be a pain is that the 3rd person view is locked behind the car all the time so the whole screen sway's left to right when steering. I like Revo's better when it follows the tracks and allows me to view my side ways drifting ect... I guess this was too much for some so this noob feature was added to SR3 - I mean Sega Rally 1995 is not fixed and thats why I could not understand when all these people were moaning about how Revo swings out off center... Truth is half of these people never played Sega Rally 1995 and now we have to pay for their incompetence. Good job I use bumper view mostly. ;-)

User Info: Ikaruga_DC

10 years ago#6

This guy is using the view I use above. There is a large gap so you can see the road below. The car is tied to the track but looks no big deal.

Proportioned against the below you can see the difference at 3.18


May just be part of the widescreen look so I wont worry too much. Will have to adapt. I always have to see the car turning.

User Info: model3

10 years ago#7
awesome post!
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User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#8

Didn't really notice before but I see it now. SR3 is totally different on that view and maybe SROA is missing this view as I could only see 3 in the second vid. When I played SR3 I didn't take any notice as I used bumper.

Nice find on the 1st vid, been wanting to see Lake Side on SR3 for AGES as I've only seen it once when I played it lol.

User Info: Dodgymat

10 years ago#9
Hate to be a downer on the game before I've even tried it, I'd usually be grateful for any extra helpings of Sega Rally however it comes. The more I hear about it the more I can't get excited about it.

The lack of really fast cars (where's the RS 200!?) is a big let down, a limited number of (mostly) already familiar tracks, and that horrid locked camera view are all contributing to making this merely a try and not instant buy.

Shame, as this game has gotta be one of my all time favs, the hours I spent challenging times with friends on my Saturn lives on with everyone involved to this day I'm sure.

User Info: VirtuaRacing

10 years ago#10

I'll be honest with you. The 1st 3 stages are way, way too easy and I mean don't be surprised if you get 1st after doing the 3 tracks on your 1st, 2nd or 3 time lucky go. If you know Revo you will get 1st with-out too much trouble very early on. The money track is Lake Side, tho if wall riding wins the day it will kill the game out right...

Need to see what they offer with Time Attack and Online modes. If it allows you to do the championship online that would be cool. The Celica & Delta rule and the RS200 is nothing worth worrying about as all it did was mess up the leader boards with people riding walls. As long as we get full use out of the Delta & Celica then cool.

My money is already on the table even tho it may not last very long - 200G quicker than OutRun Online Arcade me thinks lol. If you want the low down once it's released you know where to ask.
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