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User Info: erist1

2 years ago#1
I'd like to share with everyone my issues with this game.

I got this game about a month ago, and began playing it on my Wii. I made it to Torrent Peak and then my Wii started giving me an error message. I thought that maybe my lens was finally shot, but all my other games work fine on the Wii. Pandora's Tower would not.

I decided to start over by playing on my Wii U. The game ran fine up through the Rockshard Rampart. I attempted to play the Blazing Citadel and the system would freeze up and make a strange buzzing sound. I couldn't turn off the Wii U...I had to cut the power. I tried again, same thing.

After nearly giving up on the game I tried once more and went to the Truegold Tower instead. Oddly, the game worked fine and I was able to play through that tower. I've yet to go back to the Blazing Citadel.

Bottom line, this game is junk. I haven't even tried doing the Dawn/Dusk Towers and I'm having problems that I'm worried may be breaking my consoles. Most of the problems I've been able to read about involve the final 2 towers. I'm sure other people have had the problems I've described.

It's a shame because I really like the content of this game. I hope I can somehow finish it off.
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