A list of the best players over here

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User Info: VagrantSun

4 years ago#21
ArnoldsCat69 posted...
VagrantSun posted...
Arnold is now, legitimately, the best Jack I've ever played.

I appreciate this but im sorry but its simply not true, I would say one of the best Jacks is B0sky, though I haven't played him in while. Also several people on this board have beaten me with Jack, there is no way im the best. Maybe one day though.

You misunderstand - you're not the best player, not by a long shot, but the combos you pull off without blinking are insane. I can't do half that crap. It's like how whenever I cage Noah for a bull rodeo, I usually win, but he's still the better Bull with the technicalities and the weird-as-hell dropkick cancels into nuclear hammers.

I'm not terribly skilled with any character in particular by comparison - I switch too much to remember the uber combos and specific timings and AA cancels and twitch cancels and all that jazz. This said there is no one in the game I can't make you sweat against, because what I understand is the game. Comprende?

B0sky is freaking nuts though yeah. I caged him a bunch right before the tournament, we had a great series. Best jab pressure I've ever seen.
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