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User Info: Menacelike

4 years ago#71
Very informing..appreciate it :)

User Info: V1V3

4 years ago#72
VagrantSun posted...
Bull's Heavy twitch point is just before his shout ends; if you do it correctly, he never stops yelling.

Mashing guard and a direction lets you escape a combo if the other guy messes up his timing or the lag gods favor you. Aside from that, nothing - the defining feature of a combo is that it's inescapable, done correctly.

Fei Rin is the safest character in the game; Durga comes close, but trades the ridiculous Rin 360, dives, and jab whirlwind for the mother of all delay attacks, gun legs, and nonrepeating infinites.

Essentially, a great Fei is the best defender in the game (because all her attack options beat yours and are safe on block/dodge), and a good Durga is the best attacker (because it doesn't matter how much health you have, he can kill you in one combo from any starter except his dash attacks).

Whoa. I was expecting someone like Douglas but wow...
Thanks for the info Vagrant :D
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User Info: VagrantSun

4 years ago#73
Douglas has the slowest startup jab in the game, and his lean actually makes it even worse by delaying the active frames until the end of the lean. That disqualifies him right off the bat.

User Info: DeadLockk336

4 years ago#74
VagrantSun posted...
The Approach; Or, Why Katanas Are Cool

Zero's game is solid top to bottom, and that begins with his jab screen. It's fast, has a good lean, goes for five hits and the end of it can cancel into LKWs - which gives you either a free combo on a lucky hit or punishes people trying to smack your whiff. His real strength comes from his delay attack - the X - Y sweep is tremendously useful, as it launches on hit, and can cause a guard break in a single string. If you whiff, just tag a LKW after it, same as his jab string - it punishes people coming after you.

In essence, throw out jabs in doubles or triples, threatening with the sweep on occasion. Only throw out the launcher when you think your opponent isn't expecting it anymore, as if it connects, blocked or not, you'll have a massive advantage. Don't waste its use and get predictable! Conserve it, like any good tool.

It's worth noting that Zero's launcher (Y) advances much further than anyone else's, which means he can punish things with it that others can't. Good examples include most Dash Ys and Bull's dropkick.

Zero's 360 teleports him up, and is obscenely useful for escaping rampages - try it out.

The KW Safety Chain

Zero can't achieve total safety the way the RIns can, but he can get ridiculously close; any of his regular moves he can tag a LKW after to slap away punish attempts, and if that fails, you can go all in and attempt a HKW, which has two levels of super armor and will tank jabs. Of course if that misses you're boned and out 3 meter, so use sparingly.

The Dash

Zero's dash is fantastic, unpunishable, and can start a combo if it hits near the end of its movement. Learn how far it goes, and if someone tries to play footsies, keep them near the edge of that range. When they finally do something stupid or open up, mash the dash and get to comboing.


Zero doesn't need launchers to do stupid damage, which benefits him greatly. Examples are as follows:

X - X - X - X - X - LKW (4)

X - X - X - (delay) X - Y - LKW (4)

Dash Y - X - X - (delay) X - Y - LKW (4)

If you want juggles though, he can definitely manage. As always, if you're uncertain in your ability to land the tougher juggles, don't try them in competition! Go for the sure thing over the dice roll.

Y - A+Y - jHKW

Y - A+Y - jX - jX - Y - A+Y - jHKW

Y - A+Y - jX - jX - Y - A+Y - jLKW (2) - jHKW

Zero's dash is punishable.
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