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User Info: Six_Six_Majin

5 years ago#1
So far, I have seen it happen twice where I met the requirements for a crown but the game refused to give it to me.

They have been 1-1: win with over 2000pts (I won with 2060) and 2-5: win with no spin shots (which I just never touched the d-pad). Has anybody else seen this happen?
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User Info: rikkulu

5 years ago#2
That sucks to hear. I have the PS3 version and I never heard of anything like that. The only odd incident I've experienced in my game is when the ball flew completely out of control from a tee shot, straight up in the air as if I whiffed it, when I had a perfect impact. Someone over on the PS3 board said he missed a gimme putt one time.

This game seems to love screwing people over at random times.
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