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User Info: raistmaj42

8 years ago#1
I'm typing up a thing for stats & other #-related info I have from the Japanese Art Book/Strat. Guide. Seeing as how I can't read a lick of Kanji/Hiragana/Katakana anymore, I'm trying to figure out wtf I'm reading here, but am able to get a good bit from the context.

Anyway, since reputation ranks are given by a title & not by a #, I'm not quite able to figure out how soon I'm able to upgrade a particular skill again whilst doing a 2nd play-through with-out checking the screen every single reputation increase.

What I found so far (based on rank title given in the load game screen and the reputation points page in the book) is thus:

Reputation Ranks:
[Rank] [Points][Title]
1: 0 (?)
2: 1 (?)
3: 5 (?)
4: 9 Freshman Flyer (?)
5: 13 Problem Shifter
6: 23 Wild Red-Eyed Girl (?)
7: 35 Pipe Fairy (?)
8: 45 (?)
9: 49 Up-and-Comer (?)
10: 55 Urban Legend (?)
11: 62 (?)
12: 70 (?)
13: 80 (?)
14: 90 (?)
15: 100 Top Kat
DLC Reputation Ranks:
16: 110 Idol Shifter
17: 120 Gravity Star
18: 130 Hekseville Guardian
19: 140 Crimson Hunter
20: 150 Gravity Queen

Not *terribly* important info, but as part of my knowledge completionist streak, I would like very much to know.

The book has also a break-down of which missions give rep.pts & how much repairing each city piece (which activates the challenges) is worth.
Also, it lists how much each Nevi is worth in the Time Attack challenges, and at which point levels the remaining time increases.

Will probably post it here, if anyone has interest in reading what I could figure out / understand. I don't have the option of taking a pic & uploading it for people to translate, though.
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