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  3. A super in-depth analysis of Gravity Rush's plot! (MAJOR SPOILERS, WoT warning)

User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
7 years ago#1
In this day and age, a game with a great story is a rare find. Gravity Rush is one of those games. While it possesses a ton of loose plot threads, there are plenty of hints throughout the story to piece the majority of it together. The gamer has to think long and hard to understand this masterpiece of a game, and to do so becomes quite rewarding.

One thing I noticed about Gravity Rush is that very few words are meaningless. An example of this is shown during the Academy mission to find Newt's girlfriend: one NPC mentions that there was a legend that a bus fell off the side of the world and was never seen again. Sure enough, later on you find that very bus and its children.

So, to best understand Gravity Rush, let us answer questions with facts and quotes taken directly from the story.

How does time operate in the world?

Let's recall an NPC sharing the story of a man who decided to climb the Tower. He climbed the tower, and stayed up there for one year. When he came back down, he described all that he saw, but the people did not believe that he actually climbed the tower because to them he had only left for one day!

This backstory legend is a HUGE clue as to what's going on. When Kat goes down to The City at the Edge of the World, she finds children. The "legend of the bus" had occurred years ago, yet these children were still children when Kat came to visit. This shows that time flows differently depending on where the person is on the tower.

Further proof of this is that the leader of the children, Zaza, shows Kat a picture of Sachya, Zaza's sister. In this picture, Sachya is a child. Raven later reveals that she is Sachya, yet she looks significantly grown up. From the beginning of the game we saw her in Hekseville, so it is clear that she has spent a significant period of time outside of The City at the Edge.

Therefore, we can make statements about The City at the Edge and Hekseville:

In The City at the Edge, time does not move.

In Hekseville, time moves normally.

Atop the tower, as seen in the "legend", time moves fast.

Had Sachya/Raven stayed in The City at the Edge, she would have remained a child. However, in being a shifter she was able to make it up the tower and was thusly affected by the flow of time.

Raven is aware that time goes faster the higher up the tower you go. She tells Kat, "Hmph. No one up there cares about these kids. Even if you found a way to get back to the city, everyone you knew would be long gone!" If Raven knows that time flows differently, then the reason she never came back to help rescue Zaza is because she knew a ton of time would pass in Hekeseville if she went down to visit him. She was working with D'nelica against Bolsey and could not leave D’nelica’s side, else too much time would pass and her only hope of saving her brother (and possibly friends?) would be lost.
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User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
7 years ago#2
Who are the Creators, and why is one of them dreaming?

We are aware of two Creators: Gade, and Cyanea.

With Gade, we don’t know much. Besides that he has a black hole inside of his robe, one thing of note is that he is able to tell what things are happening in the future, such as when he tells Kat that the end is neigh towards the end of the game. The fact that he resides over the Rift planes is interesting. What, exactly, are these planes a “rift” between? Why do they contain the apples that house Kat’s secret powers? Cyanea may hold these answers.

Cyanea is far more interesting, because we know the most about her.

First, let us realize that there are three Cyaneas:

- Cyanea the Girl, who lives in The City at the Edge but one of the boys "can't remember her on the bus."
- Cyanea the Dream Guardian, who "keeps Cyanea anchored in the realm between dreams and reality."
- Cyanea the Creator, who "assembled this world from the fragments of Kat's subconscious", with "this world" meaning the trippy white cube land that Kat delves into.

In response to the question of what Gade’s planes are a rift between, perhaps they are the literal rift “between dreams and reality”. Or, as Cyanea the Creator dreams up the Tower and Hekseville and such, perhaps the Rift Planes are Gade’s creations as well. This is just speculation, however, and cannot yet be confirmed.

Cyanea the Dream Guardian tells Kat, "This world is a dream. Cyanea's dream ... While Cyanea sleeps, I shall protect the dreamer and the world she spins to life." Cyanea the Dream Guardian repeatedly mentions the fact that this is a dream and, if memory recalls, an NPC early on in the game references the idea of “What if we were all a dream?” Cyanea the Dream Guardian’s goal, therefore, is to keep Cyanea the Creator dreaming for some unknown purpose.

To better understand Cyanea, we have to look at where Cyanea takes action to protect the dream and the dreamer. First is sending Kat through a trip into her subconscious, which is covered in a later section. Second is when, right before the final boss fight, Cyanea the Dream Guardian says to Syd, “I hate to interfere, but I must protect the dream.” (this is a VERY interesting scene, because when Cyanea appears Syd says “You…?” as if he recognizes Cyanea!) She then puts her palm up to the machine holding Dusty, and says, “Guardian, fulfill your role. I release you, so that you may free the Shifter.”

This is revealing of two major plot points that show Cyanea’s purpose for maintaining the Dream. First, why did Cyanea the Dream Guardian have to free Dusty in order to free Kat? If she truly is all-powerful, why could she not just free Kat? (Similarly, Gade is illustrated as also not being all-knowing) The answer to this is in the following section on “What are the Nevi?”

Second, this action illustrates that Kat’s survival is imperative in keeping Cyanea the Creator in her dreaming state. And who does not want Kat surviving? D’nelica. So Kat’s death means that the dream would end, which means that D’nelica wants the dream to end!
you'd play it for maybe a week or so then put it in the closet and never look at it again. just like my childhood. why didn't you love me dad? why? superblah750

User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
7 years ago#3
What are the motives of Bolsey and D'nelica?

Bolsey is a weird character. We barely ever get to see him, and by the time anything occurs involving him, D’nelica has taken over.

We know from Raven that D’nelica was the city alderman. “He said he’d help me convince the mayor to send a rescue mission for the children as long as the missing parts of the town stayed missing.

Again as a testament to Gravity Rush’s incredible storytelling capacity, the details of Bolsey’s character are in what is not said rather than what is explicitly stated. For instance, Raven says that D’nelica was her only chance to help the children. Obviously she would go to the President, Bolsey, before going to the Alderman D’nelica for help. This means that Bolsey, for whatever reason, did not want to rescue the children. This gives us insight as to what Bolsey’s priorities were, though we do not know why this is the case. (n.b.: D’nelica’s claim that he would help Raven does not mean he actually would go through with it; if he is evil perhaps he was just using Raven as a method of preventing Kat from connecting the pieces of Hekseville, but we do not know for sure)

Additionally, D’nelica may in fact be aware of the time difference on the tower. His floating Government Center, Neu Hiraleon, can apparently fly. It hovers over Hekseville, most likely just between the Gravity Storms that keep this section of the tower in time limbo with itself. He may, in fact, be able to fly up the tower to another time zone.

D’nelica says towards the ending of the game, “consider the population reduction plan to now be in effect.” As established in the Cyanea section above, D’nelica’s intentions are directly opposite Cyanea’s. By D’nelica trying to kill/freeze Kat, he is ensuring that the dream ends. He also wanted Raven to make sure that the pieces of Hekseville remained apart.

While we do not know how they were split apart to begin with, what we do know is that keeping the pieces apart and causing a “population reduction” is key for D’nelica’s ultimate goal of ending the Dream.

With D’nelica’s intentions established, we now know that the major thing at risk in Gravity Rush is “The Dream”. Cyanea’s goal is to protect the dream, and D’nelica’s goal is to make Cyanea the Creator wake up.

you'd play it for maybe a week or so then put it in the closet and never look at it again. just like my childhood. why didn't you love me dad? why? superblah750

User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
7 years ago#4
What are the Nevi?

We see Nevi as different anthropomorphic shapes throughout the game, but what they are and how they fit into Gravity Rush’s storyline is literally mindblowing.

In the scene mentioned above in which Cyanea puts her palm up to the machine holding Dusty, and says, “Guardian, fulfill your role. I release you, so that you may free the Shifter,” a huge can of worms is opened.

Cyanea just confirmed that Dusty is a Dream Guardian. Dusty and Cyanea the Dream Guardian are the same type of being. The same thing applies to Raven’s raven. They are all Dream Guardians with the intent of protecting Cyanea the Creator from waking up.

See how this all connects yet?

Dusty, before the third of Gade’s rift planes, ate some anti-Nevi pills and got very sick. His powers were diminished. This means that he is a Nevi.

So, whoa, Dusty is BOTH a Dream Guardian AND a Nevi!

This CONFIRMS that the Nevi are on the side of the Dream Guardians. The Nevi’s ultimate intention is to prevent Cyanea the Creator from waking up.

Just wait, the proof is even clearer! The final boss of Gravity Rush is the Anemone, which Yunica knows is using a Nevi for its energy core. Before this scene, we see D’nelica and Adreaux talking about how Dusty would make for an excellent energy source to power the Anemone, which explains why he tried to capture Dusty. This proves that Dusty, and whatever they ended up using to power Anemone, were both Nevi.

Cyanea the Dream Guardian’s decision to interfere with the Dream by releasing Dusty was to stop the Anemone, which was destroying everything, just like D’nelica’s “population reduction plan” called for. Though we established above that the Nevi are a force trying to PROTECT the Dream, D’nelica was using the Nevi inside Anemone as a way to DESTROY the Dream! (and destroy those trying to protect the dream: the Nevi)

Thus, Cyanea interfered because the Nevi are not meant to be used against the Dream itself. This is further evidence that the Nevi are meant to protect the Dream, and that D’nelica’s experiments that attracted the Nevi were his attempts to control them to work against their primary goal.

Hell, could Cyanea the Dream Guardian be a Nevi herself? Who knows!
you'd play it for maybe a week or so then put it in the closet and never look at it again. just like my childhood. why didn't you love me dad? why? superblah750

User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
7 years ago#5
Who is Kat, and what is her relationship with Alias?

Answering these questions will tie the entire story together. The answer is both clear and unclear, because the story tells us exactly who she is but not what that implies for the greater picture.

One of the earliest hints comes in the chapter where Alias takes the guise of Syd. After Kat switches out the Auldnoir Sacred Gem, Alias sits by and watches and says, "Poor, lost queen..."

Kat is a Queen. She came from higher up on the tower. In fact, Nala knows her! “I met someone who looks just like you, but she was wearing a robe and looked just like a princess…” This confirms that the person that Kat sees in her flashbacks given to her by Cyanea, with the face obscured, was indeed of herself!

Queen of what, though? Yes, she falls from the top of the tower. But Nala reveals, “I bet you think there’s only the one pillar, but I’ll let you in on a secret I discovered while wandering the world. There’s actually another pillar with its own world around it and its own people living there. It’s similar to this one, but a little different.” While we can be pretty sure that the castle we see in Kat’s flashback is indeed her tower as Queen, there is no indication that this castle is atop the tower around which Hekseville is located.

Alias’s motivations are quite mysterious. He wants to steal Auldnoir’s Sacred Gem, which Kat says “is protecting these people.” If he knows that Kat is a Queen, then he knew who she was before she fell.
you'd play it for maybe a week or so then put it in the closet and never look at it again. just like my childhood. why didn't you love me dad? why? superblah750

User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
7 years ago#6
How do Singlor and Nala fit into all of this?

While they are particularly cryptic, we can be sure of one thing: they are the reason that time is not working properly.

Nala admits that, “I’m the cause of the accident with my husband’s research. I was the one who tampered with the machine.”

Let’s throw a little Real Life™ science into the explanation. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity predicts a proven effect called Gravitational Time Dilation. His theory of gravity states that massive (as in, large and heavy) objects cause a “gravity well” that creates a curvature in space and time. The lower down in the well you are, the slower time moves.

Basically, if you take a clock that is close to the massive object (which is at the bottom of the gravity well), time will move very slow. If the clock is far from the mass creating the gravity well, time will move much faster.

In real life, you can actually view this “time dilation” phenomenon over the course of years. Clocks on the International Space Station will, after a few months, run at a different time (albeit, different in nanoseconds) compared to those running on Earth. The same thing can apply between cities that are at high versus low elevations.

The way the Tower behaves with Time directly reflects this. The closer you get to the “dark sea” at the bottom of the Tower, the slower time is moving. The higher up you are, meaning the further you are from the sea of gravity, the faster time moves. This works perfectly.

So what might be the problem? Well, Singlor states that he did his research and experiment to try to save everyone from the rising death (which Zaza also notes, since he lived right near the sea at the bottom of the tower and said that it rises with each passing day). Yet, his experiment went wrong due to Nala, and caused some problem.

Is this problem the opening of gravity storms in the sky? Perhaps. And perhaps that is what is messing with time, and caused Singlor and Nala to end up in very different states of existence, which would explain why Kat could talk with Singlor but not with Nala until the very final meeting.

In fact, if Nala tells us that there is a second Tower, and Singlor tells us that he’s trapped in another existence, perhaps there are multiple timelines going on.

For the rest of this, I will have to go back and reevaluate their text. I don’t have it in its entirety so it is difficult to make connections.
you'd play it for maybe a week or so then put it in the closet and never look at it again. just like my childhood. why didn't you love me dad? why? superblah750

User Info: Aromatic Grass

Aromatic Grass
7 years ago#7
Unconfirmed Speculation

With all that we have established presently, it’s time for the fun part: speculation as to just what the heck is going on!

This little idea is a bit farfetched, but I like it anyway. The game begins showing an apple falling and rolling next to Kat. Kat gets her powers from apples in the Rift areas. In Vendecentre, atop one of the buildings is a gigantic apple with an arrow from a bow and arrow shot through it. Could the apple be the symbolism of Kat’s kingdom, and the arrow be representative of an “attack” against it? Could Kat be the Queen of another tower, as Nala hints at, and she was leading an attack against this tower?

Could Kat be Cyanea? I think this is a possibility. While Cyanea might be a Creator, how else might she know of Kat’s subconscious unless she herself was Kat?

Cyanea mentioned to Kat during the trippy white block chapter something about “gods”. Perhaps the Creators are gods of some kind?

What happens if Cyanea wakes up? Would it really be so bad? If we look at the plot of the unrelated MMO Tera, we see something a little similar: two gods that loved each other ran away from the war between all gods and instead went to sleep, which caused the war to freeze. The world in Tera is the result of their dream, and the robotic bad guys are the “alarm clock” trying to wake the two gods up.

Perhaps D’nelica is Cyanea’s “alarm clock”. By keeping Hekseville apart, and opening up the gravity storms, it will cause the dream to fall apart so that Cyanea will go back to doing whatever she was meant to do.

Anyway, this turned out to be way too long. I hope this was helpful in understanding Gravity Rush’s story. I really had a “rush” of a time with figuring out just what was going on in the game, and I am sure during my second playthrough I will pick up on even more clues to the greater picture.

Best of luck, everyone!
you'd play it for maybe a week or so then put it in the closet and never look at it again. just like my childhood. why didn't you love me dad? why? superblah750

User Info: Paradox_Knight

7 years ago#8
In the City at the Edge. Time Moves.

I just wanted to specify this. The perception of time though alters, much like how you'd get closer to a black hole, which the bottom does seem to allude to in a certain way, as such, the further away you are from the botttom, the faster time passes, meaning that time has not stopped, time is only moving very slowly, though as you live in it, time seems normal to your perceptions until you escape from it and move upward.

One could argue that Heksville is actually slowed too and higher up you will find time passing naturally.

That and, Zaza obviously shows pain and regret to his past actions, meaning that time has passed, some time, not a lot of time.

Just wanted to note that... Anyhow, I'll read the rest in due time.

Just felt like I needed to correct you on that asap.
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User Info: pikachupwnage

7 years ago#9
Wow great interpretation mostly spot on IMO.

I applaud thee sir.
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User Info: kewldude475

7 years ago#10
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