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User Info: LORDVADER110

1 month ago#11
TaKun782 posted...
I never got around to actually getting on back in the day when it came out because I knew there was like only three games I was only interested in. Resistance burning skies, Uncharted golden abyss, and Killzone mercenary. Is there any exclusives to the Vita thats worth getting? Nothing cross platform or anything though.

All fw are jailbroken
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User Info: Miu_san

4 weeks ago#12
TaKun782 posted...
Resistance burning skies,

more like resistance garbage skies, don't waste your time with it, what was sony thinking

User Info: Zero_Maniac

3 weeks ago#13
elsmitty posted...
gamezalv posted...
elsmitty posted...
The vita exclusive that everyone always talks about is gravity rush.

Gravity Rush is no longer an exclusive though. TC wants true exclusives for the Vita.

Didnt even realize it got ported

It got ported years ago. I don't know if it sold well on PS4 or not. PS4 has other AAA games like Bloodborne and God of War for GR to contend with, so it might not have grabbed anyone's attention on that platform.
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User Info: EvilResident

2 weeks ago#14
Is the 2*** series model better then the 1***❓❓❓

User Info: Wewillrocku

2 weeks ago#15
a lot of people would say yes
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