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  3. The NA PSN Golden Week sale starting on the 26th has many Vita deals

User Info: INKU48

4 weeks ago#1
That week where all the finest treats from glorious Nippon go on sale. Not gonna copy-paste since it's too much text but there is a lot of things on sale. If you don't recognize the name of the item then it's probably Deemo/Cytus/Xonic DLC. Some PS1 games are listed in the PS3 section too and most are Vita-compatible.

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User Info: blacknight06

4 weeks ago#2
feels like more of these Vita titles should be at the $5 level by now

User Info: -Meruru

4 weeks ago#3
DUNGEON TRAVELERS 2 $11.99 -$9.99

"lmao" - dwdwdw6

User Info: Zero_Maniac

4 weeks ago#4
Some good stuff on sale. I'll be picking up that Muramasa Rebirth DLC Collection, RE Deluxe Origins for PS3 as well as Resident Evil 4 for PS3. Wish some Assassin's Creed stuff would go on sale for PS3.

Forgot to say, thank you TC for posting this!
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User Info: gamezalv

4 weeks ago#6
-Meruru posted...
DUNGEON TRAVELERS 2 $11.99 -$9.99


You're missing the Utawarerumono bundle $29.99-$24.99 which is the even bigger highlight.
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User Info: 2Dover3D

4 weeks ago#7
Why is Persona dancing still still expensive? I ain't paying more than $10 for that
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User Info: Martin Pagan

Martin Pagan
4 weeks ago#8
And once again no discount on Persona 2: Innocent Sin...
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User Info: XxXSlateXxX

4 weeks ago#9
What time does the sale start?

User Info: Generation_Dog

4 weeks ago#10
What vita games would you all recomend off the sale? I do enjoy alot of genres. (Rpgs, jrpgs, action, platformers, shooters, etc.)
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  3. The NA PSN Golden Week sale starting on the 26th has many Vita deals