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User Info: nilla151

1 month ago#1
Picking up a Vita tomorrow. Grabbing Ys Celcetta to Start. But looking for what games i should be looking for

Give me suggestions
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User Info: Blackaddar

1 month ago#2
You're going to see persona 4 golden suggested a lot.

Toukiden 2
Need for speed. Most wanted
Dynasty warriors 8 extreme xl
Odin sphere
Dragons Crown
Killzone mercenary
Dungeon hunter (its a fair fix if you're looking for something diablo like.)
Shinobido 2
Hots golf world invitational (no on line anymore but still fun)
Shiren the wanderer tower of fortune dice of fate.
Soul sacrifice delta

Im sure others will inform you of More. Enjoy your vita

User Info: darkone778

1 month ago#3
I would also check out
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2
Demon Gaze 1 and 2
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
BlazBlue Calamity Trigger
Unit 13
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus
Freedom Wars
Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hackers Memories

I am sure others will add to the list the Vita has quite a good list of games despite what is said the contrary.
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User Info: Yggdrasille

1 month ago#4
Tales of Hearts R
Ys: Memories of Celceta
Muramasa Rebirth + Genroku Legends DLC
Gravity Rush
Persona 4 Golden
Persona 4 Dancing All Night
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2
Tokyo Xanadu
Senran Kagura: Estival Versus
Fate Extella: The Umbral Star
Atelier Shallie Plus
Grand Kingdom
Darkest Dungeon
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User Info: nilla151

1 month ago#5
Got it it’s a model 2 games that came with it

Senran kagura estival versus
Uncharted g abyss
Dragons crown
Ys memories of Celcetta
Persona 4 golden.

With a 16 and a 4 gb memory card. Not a bad start IMO
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User Info: shgamer

1 month ago#6
Toukiden Kiwami; better than 2 in almost every way other than story IMO (better graphics, better framerate etc. - not open world though, but more like the pre Monster Hunter World MH's).
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User Info: Rjmhart

1 month ago#7
Been gaming on this thing forever and these are the ones I enjoyed the most:
Axiom Verge
Day of the Tentacle
Demon Gaze
Dragon's Crown
Grim Fandango
Rogue Legacy
Salt and sanctuary
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Tales of Hearts
Soul Sacrifice
Toukiden Kiwami
Velocity 2x
Really enjoying the ps4 library.
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User Info: tw1g_007

1 month ago#8
Disgaea series (all of them)
Stranger of Sword City + follow up
Rainbow Moon & Skies (GOAT Vita titles to me)
Toukiden series
Demon Gaze 1 (have yet to play 2)
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User Info: OhGoodGrief

1 month ago#9
Darkest dungeon and dragons crown

User Info: donnabright

1 month ago#10
1. FF X and X-2 Remaster
2. FF 7
3. FF 9
4. FF 3
5. World of FF
6. Trials of Cold Steel 1
7. Trails of Cold Steel 2
8. Tomb raider Legend, though I needed to get game from ps3 on over to the Vita
9. Tomb Raider Anniversary.
10. Atelier Ayesha plus
11. Atelier Sophie
12. Need for Speed Most Wanted
13. Ridge Racer -
14. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
15. Prince of Persia The forgotten Sands (Can't find on Amazon or Ebay to but the game, but the download can be purchased from Ps vita store. Same for the other POP games, that I mention.
16. POP Revelations
17. POP Rival Swords
18. Need for speed. Carbon
19. Asphalt: Injection -
20. F1 2011 - PlayStation Vita
22. WRC 3: FIA World Rally Championship
23. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
24. Grand Kingdom
25. Persona 4
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