Bloodstain will be digital only on the Vita

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User Info: J_B

3 months ago#1 - Out weeb me
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User Info: Noraneko_Vel

3 months ago#2
great news that it's still coming to Vita

User Info: Gotrys

3 months ago#3

User Info: INKU48

3 months ago#4
Read the article kid. It almost certainly only applies to the 505 Games retail version. No one expected a retail version actually sold at retail. If there will be a physical Kickstarter backer version though with some leftovers sold by for example Fangamer or LRG is still up in the air. The people in charge of the Bloodstained Kickstarter thought they could make it happen just a couple of weeks ago and it seems they still do going by that article.

User Info: AlchemistYazan

3 months ago#5
1. It's called Bloodstained
2. That isn't confirmed at the moment but it seems likely. The developers said there was some miscommunication in regards to that article. Still, with Sony ending physical cart production, I wouldn't hold my breath on a physical
3. I buy most of my games digitally so that's fine by me.
4. This is a comment on the article, if you actually bothered to read:

'Hey there CJ, thanks for coming by and playing the demo! Sorry to hear there were some things that you didn't like, but we appreciate the feedback, we always want to hear it, good or bad!

Just one small thing though, the PC and Vita versions of the game will be available both as physical and digital releases.

(we're still evaluating how Sony's announcement to stop producing Vita physicals might affect us, but for the moment we haven't announced any change)

Hopefully some, if not all of your concerns will be assuaged when you see everything that's in store for the final game. ;)'

~BloodStained developer

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User Info: feraldrgn

3 months ago#6
Even if in the end the Vita has to be digital only at retail, pretty sure backers will get their physical copies.
@AlchemistYazan JB has a hate boner for Vita Bloodstained, so it's no surprise he posted without reading further.

User Info: GigaDogqHD

3 months ago#7
Gigs was a backer so shall have a physical copy
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User Info: J_B

3 months ago#8
AlchemistYazan posted...

Only flop is that they mentioned the game is ugly in Vita - Out weeb me
Watch me hold a 20 Minute Yes/No Convo with a cute waifu -

User Info: rewilo95

3 months ago#9
So one question. How does production of physical media work? Are the cartridges made with the media on them or is it added later on? I don't know how they handle this, and so I'm not sure what's more likely to happen to those who backed the physical Vita version.
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User Info: feraldrgn

3 months ago#10
I think they have to order physical carts in advance, there was a deadline after all.
Then they'll add the software after that somehow, whether it's using their devkits or who knows.
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