Sony releasing their own amiibo line

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User Info: Shiiiru

4 months ago#1

Which one would you buy? What should Sony do next?
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User Info: dark-kyon

4 months ago#2
Don't seem like Sony is who is working in this, more like they licensed his IP's, weird everyone jump to conclusions, when there wasn't any strong indicator about being strictly Sony going for the amiibo money.

User Info: bloodcoast

4 months ago#3
Sony just gave the license to some third-party to distribute them (says so in the article). The Bloodborne one doesn't have the top hat I like, so meh.

User Info: J_B

4 months ago#4
I'd buy a Nep or Senran -Out weeb me
Look at the One Eyed Monster -

User Info: FSABot

4 months ago#5
J_B posted...
I'd buy a Nep or Senran

Kat is probably as close to a Vita waifu as they get

User Info: feraldrgn

4 months ago#6
They're collectable figurines by a 3rd party, with no DLC locked behind them.

User Info: FatCatJimmy

4 months ago#7
Too bad I don’t care about any character of the first batch.
But if Kat, FF characters, Persona etc. get figurines I would buy them in an instant (If they at least look decent).
The price is fairly cheap for a small statue
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User Info: rewilo95

4 months ago#8
Well they look pretty nice I suppose, but no, I'm not biting into it.
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User Info: bith_the_black

4 months ago#10
ThinkGeek developed huh? Never figured them to be the type to try to cash in on a craze right?
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