Is this one not only limited to vita but other systems that are similar?

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  3. Is this one not only limited to vita but other systems that are similar?

User Info: AjitPaiIsGod

4 months ago#1

Does it hold true merits as to why this is?

User Info: BrianCraigSmith

4 months ago#2
The last part is true: good games are good no matter where you play.
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User Info: J_B

4 months ago#3
The Vita ports played iffy at best. Switch runs closer to the orginals -Out weeb me
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User Info: Aussie2B

4 months ago#4
In today's game industry, holding ports/multiplatform games against any system doesn't make much sense. This isn't the 80s or 90s anymore when more games were exclusive than not. Practically everything is multiplatform these days, so you'd have to criticize literally every modern system and rule out huge numbers of games as "not counting" to a system's library because they're available elsewhere. But few gamers actually think and act consistently like that. Instead, it's all selective cherry-picking, where a game "counts" on one platform, because that's the platform the person wants to play, and doesn't "count" on another that the person doesn't care about playing games on, even though, in reality, it's all relative. If it somehow hurts the Vita that some of its games are also on, say, PS4, then it should equally hurt the PS4 that some of its games are on Vita. Personally, I don't think it hurts either, more options are always better, and you have to choose SOME system to play a multiplatform game on if you want to play said game.
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User Info: FSABot

4 months ago#5
It's mostly a difference in when those indie ports started to come. For Vita, it started getting them after big developers jumped ship, so they were viewed as a downgrade. For Switch, the Indies are coming on as the system is booming and are seen as more quality games alongside the big ones.

User Info: TinyTim123

4 months ago#6
Sure. Good games are good games, but the value of "good", when it comes to the appeal of games, is gonna be subjective.
Many AAA games are not "good" for me regardless of the system it is on, regardless of the accolades heaped upon it by others that aren't me. If I'm not having fun with that game, if I don't want to continue playing it, it's not "good" for me.
Zelda Breath of the Wild is one such game. It's surely a great and masterful game, but I didn't have fun trying to play it, so for me, it's not "good". It's just an extremely popular and highly rated game with high production values.
On the other hand, Sorcery Saga is probably not considered to be "good" by many people at all. On the other hand. despite some annoying things about it, I had fun with it, and because of that I stuck with it. To me it's a good game, since it was fun for me despite being Pokémon Mystery Dungeon easy for a roguelike, and having annoying Japanese animation stereotypes and stylings.

It's always going to be subjective.
I posted in the other thread that I like Borderlands 2. For me, it's a "good" game, at least when I'm playing co-op.
It's not very good on Vita by comparison, even though other people are perfectly fine with it's differences (maybe having never tried it elsewhere).
Good (for games) is subjective.
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User Info: Shiiiru

4 months ago#7
It's true for any system. Even the PS4 was called the Portstation at some point. Problem with the Vita is that it never got any system-sellers.
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User Info: FSABot

4 months ago#8
Shiiiru posted...
Problem with the Vita is that it never got any system-sellers.

And this is the number 1 reason why Vita failed. Aussie can talk all she wants about how exclusives don't matter, but if you don't have those games that make people go out and buy the system, it won't succeed. When your only selling points are low rated games or bad ports of games on more popular systems, then people don't have much reason to purchase it.

User Info: Helmet_Time

4 months ago#9
To be fair, if you look at the Switch board you see plenty of people complaining about ports. It's just that Nintendo has a very vocal portion of its fanbase that will praise anything and everything Nintendo related. Playstation just doesn't have that level of brand loyalty.

User Info: Noraneko_Vel

4 months ago#10
FSABot posted...
And this is the number 1 reason why Vita failed.

Vita has em, so you're wrong there.
The problem is on Sony's side, including taking away system sellers and going too far with anti-piracy (memory card prices and monopoly, account restrictions, fusing saves into the game)
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  3. Is this one not only limited to vita but other systems that are similar?

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