Is Persona 4 Goldeb STILL The Best Game On Vita???

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User Info: bith_the_black

6 months ago#11
Never thought it was the best, but it's still a decent game.
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User Info: Sprinkles_ASAP

6 months ago#12
FSABot posted...
been playing JRPGs since Master System, and its actually the only 3D JRPG in my top 5

1. Chrono Trigger
2. Final Fantasy VI
3. Persona 4
4. Phantasy Star IV
5. Lufia 2

Get better taste

Xenoblade, Tales of Vesperia and Graces are way better
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User Info: FSABot

6 months ago#13
Vesperia and Graces are the two best Tales games, but that series isn't really good enough to be considered in my top 10 JRPGs. Vespy is close though.

User Info: Noraneko_Vel

6 months ago#14
Sprinkles_ASAP posted...
Tales of Vesperia


User Info: Helmet_Time

6 months ago#15
Never really been a Persona fan, too much adolescent narcissism (which I suppose is actually part of the appeal). But, the problems of middle-class high school students in first world countries are very, very hard for me to care about.

However, they are well made and plotted, so I get why people like them.

User Info: dancer62

6 months ago#16
Still? Never was.

Persona 3 Portable is a much more interesting high school simulator, if you really insist on playing a high school simulator.
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User Info: Aussie2B

6 months ago#17
I can't answer your poll because I don't think it was ever the best game on Vita.
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User Info: Kovatch

6 months ago#18
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

6 months ago#19
Definitely one of the best.
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User Info: 16bit

6 months ago#20
good game, but I prefer Trails of Cold Steel much more than P4G
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