What are some of the best Indie games on Vita?

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User Info: Trupp88

6 months ago#1
Gonna get a Vita soon and wanna know what are some good indies titles to look into. Thanks

User Info: Noraneko_Vel

6 months ago#2

It's not an indie but has the same style: Yomawari
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

6 months ago#3
I thought all of these are great:

Siralim 2 (best monster hunting/training game ever IMO)
Neon Chrome (not fond of twin stick shooters but I like this one)
Splunkey (sp?)
Active Soccer 2 DX
Aqua Kitty DX (really good defender clone with amazing Amiga-ish graphics and music)
NekoBuro CastBlock (isometric Columns with cube cats and weapons)
The Pinball Arcade (love pinball)
Farming Simulator series (if you have interest in farming or riding in big machines)
Organ Trail (Oregon Trail...with zombies!)
Flame Over (but there is a terrible rare bug in it)
Slain (I find it realllly hard though)

It's not indie, but LaraCroft Go is great too.

I also liked Risk of Rain a bit.

User Info: CriticalFury

6 months ago#4
Some of these games are crossbuy as well meaning that if you buy it on the vita, you'll also get it for ps4. I know from personal experience that spelunky and risk of rain are two games that has this feature.
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User Info: Mcnugget2256

6 months ago#5
Darkest Dungeon
Binding of Isaac
Rogue Legacy
Risk of Rain
Nuclear Throne
Velocity 2X
Hotline Miami
The Witcher 3 is the greatest RPG of all time.
I want Monster Hunter World to have its way with me.

User Info: feraldrgn

6 months ago#6
Don't forget:
Salt & Sanctuary

(Can't wait for Timespinner).

User Info: akshat_316

6 months ago#7
I've heard great things about axiom verge. Not sure if its considered indie but I really loved Guacamelee. Its a side-scrolling beat 'em up metroidvania style platformer with a great sense of humor (a bit dark at times)

Also there is a big sale going on the psn right now so many titles by major studios are available at "indie" price.

User Info: Chronicious-Fox

6 months ago#8
Salt and sanctuary.

User Info: Ronobono

6 months ago#9
I have had the most fun with

Salt And Sanctuary
Oli Oli 2
Rogue Legacy
Risk Of Rain
Steamworld Hiest
The Binding Of Isaac
Shovel Knight

I have got a lot of hours out of these games.
Just trying to live.

User Info: rewilo95

6 months ago#10
La-Mulana EX is a really good metroidvania with loads of puzzles, and I can assure you, the puzzles will give you a lot of trouble. If there is one game you shouldn't be ashamed of using a guide for, it's this game, of course only if you can't solve the puzzles (easier said than done).
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