PS1 titles on Vita

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User Info: TimmyNinja

3 months ago#1
Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone knows why certain PS1/PSP games cannot be played on the Vita. For example, years ago I bought Command and Conquer Retaliation and played it on my old PSP. However, it is simply not available to download to the Vita. The same goes for R-Type Delta(PS1) - I have this on my PS3 but can find no way to get it onto my Vita. Isn't the Vita compatible with all PS1/PSP games?

User Info: dark-kyon

3 months ago#2
Licensing issues along with lack of interest in iron out some incompatibility issues.

User Info: Zodasaur

3 months ago#3
This is the 3rd time this month I've seen this same question asked. I guess people are too lazy to use search.

User Info: VampireRonin

3 months ago#4
Some games can't be bought or downloaded to the Vita at all, but there are some that can be purchased and transferred to the Vita with a PS3. Yeah, it's pretty weird but that's the way it is.

Here's a list detailing which games are playable on Vita and how to get them on there:
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