Any Diablo clones for the Vita?

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User Info: 16bit

3 months ago#1
Was excited for a minute when I randomly stumbled upon "Project Ruin aka Warrior's Lair", but then saw that it was cancelled. Shame, since that game looks like it would've been great for the Vita. Any other options out there that's similar to Diablo or Ruin? It'd be awesome if Vanillaware turned Dragon's Crown into an isometric ARPG looter.

User Info: VampireRonin

3 months ago#2
People usually say Silent Hill: Book of Memories when this question is asked.

Other than that, closest I can think of is Shiren the Wanderer, although that is more of a roguelike.
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User Info: RadKickAss

3 months ago#4
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
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User Info: bith_the_black

3 months ago#5
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User Info: 16bit

3 months ago#6
alright thanks. looks like Dungeon Hunter and Silent Hill are ones to check out. I hope that DH is not as bad as current Gameloft DH. and i find it surprising that a Silent Hill would even be mentioned in this category, but that's cool. is the story good for it?

User Info: 0ofreako0

3 months ago#7
dungeon hunter and silent hill are basically the only ones that exist. it's sad. :(

User Info: gamezalv

3 months ago#8
Dungeon Hunter Alliance is pretty bad though. The gameplay feels a bit dated and the game has some bad performance issues. Silent Hill Book of Memories however is a pretty decent game.

User Info: loki00_00

3 months ago#9
Someone already beat me to the punch but while it's not exactly the game you're looking for, Shiren the Wanderer is pretty good and it would probably scratch some of the same itches. Just be prepared for a way more difficult game than Diablo.
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User Info: Ronobono

3 months ago#10
I got Dungeon Hunter hoping it would be at least be a decent Diablo clone but it was no where near it. I played for a few hours and had to quit. There is a demo of the Silent Hill game you could check out. I didnt seem as bad to me.
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  3. Any Diablo clones for the Vita?

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