Kickstarter-exclusive physical release of SkullPirates available for purchase

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User Info: Aussie2B

4 months ago#11
ediotsavant posted...
Why would anyone waste their money on this company? Plague road was garbage and it pains me I wasted my hard earned money on it. Looking at the videos on kickstarter, it seems to be more garbage.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I pledged primarily because I like collecting physical Vita games, especially LEs and rarities. With releases like those, even if you end up hating them, you can usually sell them off and break even, or even make a profit. I wasn't that impressed from what I played of Plague Road, but I'm willing to give them another shot, especially when this game is in an entirely different genre. I don't regret backing the Plague Road Kickstarter campaign either. I got physical copies of Plague Road on both PS4 and Vita through the Kickstarter campaign, and I paid $30-some for each. I could list them on eBay right now and sell them for $100+ each, which is actually something I've been thinking about doing, since I'm cool with sticking with my standard Vita copy I got from LRG's store.

For better or for worse, some games are valued more as collectibles than for their gameplay. Arcade Distillery is definitely targeting that collector demographic.
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User Info: game player s

game player s
4 months ago#12
Just barely got in on this earlier in the afternoon. Wasn't aware they were going to do a super limited collector's edition until after the campaign started and then it was one of those, you've got to be kidding me moments when I read just how limited it is going to be.
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User Info: ZEROthefirst

4 months ago#13
ediotsavant posted...
bith_the_black posted...
Wonder why they went Eastasiasoft over Limited Run? Too busy?

I hope it isn't an Eastasiasoft exclusive.

It is, if you read further down, it states it's being made with a limited physical run, exclusively thanks to Eastasiasoft.
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User Info: bith_the_black

4 months ago#14
Aussie2B posted...

This is another game from Arcade Distillery, the same team behind behind Plague Road. They used Limited Run Games to produce physical copies of Plague Road (standard copies were sold on LRG's site and copies sold via Kickstarter had an exclusive cover), but now they're using Eastasiasoft. This Kickstarter campaign is the only way to get physical copies of this game, and on top of that, they're doing LEs that are limited to 250 copies for each platform, making them a real rarity.

Anyone bought already or planning to buy?

Looks like it's 600 for the Vita now. Not nearly as rare, more than doubling the original announcement. Wonder if that'll irritate people
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User Info: ediotsavant

4 months ago#15
Very scrupulous way of getting funds. It's no wonder I will never back these projects.
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User Info: Aussie2B

4 months ago#16
It'll definitely irritate some people, but considered the campaign isn't over, nobody has been charged yet, so it's easy to cancel a pledge if the lessened rarity ruins it for anyone. It's not much different from had they announced the 500/600 numbers from the get-go, minus the minor time lost on backing and then cancelling. Personally, I think the more, the better, and it won't make me cancel my pledge.
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User Info: Rufus_the_rat

4 months ago#17
It's kind of funny with adult collectors, that the quality of the game doesn't even matter any more. People will just buy it just because they want a complete collection. Because all the physical sales are in advance sight unseen, and most people won't even open those, the developers literally don't have to put any of the Kickstarter money into actually fleshing out the skeleton of this game (heh heh I made a pun) because they already made their money regardless of the quality of the final product.

Also, who in their right mind starts a Kickstarter campaign in December, a couple of weeks before Christmas? Very few people have money for this right now.

All that said, while I'm not sure I care for the concept of this game, I do like the art style of their steampunk mecha. I also thought Plague Road had a nice visual aesthetic.

User Info: Aussie2B

4 months ago#18
I don't really care if people buy games as collectibles, but it is kinda frustrating when people buy up LEs with no intention of opening them. Then the contents can be complete junk, and nobody would even know or care. It took much too long for LRG's mediocre CEs to catch up with them, and I suspect it's because a significant percentage of the buyers were keeping them sealed. Me, even if SkullPirates was still limited to 250 LEs per platform, I would still crack it open in a heartbeat and check out all the stuff inside.
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User Info: NekoTwili

4 months ago#19
I would but nah, the way they phrased it at the beginning made it sound like you'd be using the Captain and minions not just the minions. To me, that's just lame
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