Ps vita game P4G and Mind 0

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User Info: ArieMiyagi

3 months ago#1
I want to buy a ps vita game, but I cannot choose.

Can anyone tell me the ps vita game persona 4 Golden and mind zero , which one is better to buy,please ?

And tell me what are these game about.

Thank you.

User Info: joelang12

3 months ago#2
Everybody like P4G. I have it but have no played it yet. Mind 0 is OK. Not good. Not bad. Just bland. And it ends on a cliffhanger, with no sequel in sight. 🙁
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User Info: thefabregas22

3 months ago#3
I don't understand how this is even a question. The answer is obvious.
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User Info: DeltaBladeX

3 months ago#4
Not a fan of Persona 4. Haven't played the other though.
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User Info: Namio

3 months ago#5
P4G: bodies show up on antenna. how is this happening? join teenagers to get to the bottom of things and the find the truth in a shadow/other world where you fuse demons to make better demons to conquer your inner demons

M0: I cant even remember this game like... legit all i remember is it was vaguely like persona with kids finding out about the existence of demons and gaining their powers by confronting things in dungeons. had some songs that I really liked but I wouldnt really recommend it to anyone
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User Info: rewilo95

3 months ago#6
Played both and I can definitely say P4G (my least favorite persona game) is far better than Mind Zero.

In short, P4G is about a group of highschool students solving murder cases with supernatural powers (personas).

Mind Zero have barely anything going on until lategame where stuff starts happening (way too late at that point). The game also ends in a cliffhanger with no sequel whatsoever, leaving the story unfinished.
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User Info: dancer62

3 months ago#7
Persona 4 Golden is a Vita staple. Nobody can say why, it's a poor game, basically a Japanese high school simulator, but you're not a real Vita owner unless you have it in your collection. Buy it, you must, before you can get on to better games like Toukiden and God Eater.
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