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User Info: VirtuKnight

1 year ago#1
Basically, my roommate has a PS4. I have a Vita. I only have Salt & Sanctuary, so I was wondering if there were other must-have PS4 <--> Vita crossbuy games to get.
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User Info: VirtuKnight

1 year ago#2
Found this link: http://www.vitaplayer.co.uk/playstation-vita-ps3-ps4-cross-buy-guide/

So I suppose I could close the topic, unless you guys have any recommendations from that list. :P
Comradery through common enemy.
Tomfoolery as tedium's remedy.

User Info: Helmet_Time

1 year ago#3
Croixleur Sigma (PS Vita / PS4) Solid beat 'em up with crazed battle lolis

Dragon Fantasy Book I (PS Vita / PS3 / PS4)
Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice (PS Vita / PS4) The first one is better, but cute homages to the NES FF games

Shovel Knight (PS Vita / PS3 / PS4) Great platformer. Challenging, but not nut smashing

Darkest Dungeon (PS Vita / PS4) Punishingly hard, but fun. Do it if you hate yourself.

I have no personal experience with any other games on that list.
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User Info: Link3

1 year ago#5
Keep in mind I haven't actually played the Vita or PS4 version of any of these, so I can't comment on performance.

Axiom Verge is an interesting Metroid tribute, if you're into Metroidvanias it's certainly worth checking out. Sadly I have read the Vita version has some issues.

Cel Damage I played on the original Xbox and it was fun, though nothing spectacular. It was on sale recently for like $3 which I'd say is worth it.

Fez is a good puzzle platformer, and was met with near universal acclaim at release.

Hatoful Boyfriend is a bizarre dating sim where you play the only human at a prestigious school for birds (Birds having overtaken humans as the dominant species in this world, of course). It was free with PS+ a few months back and seems to go on sale for pretty cheap frequently enough. Worth checking out if just for the novelty, but apparently there's actually a pretty competent visual novel/dating sim hidden behind the bizarre premise.

Guacamelee is a fantastic metroidvania (Sadly crossbuy doesn't seem to include the PS4 update, only the PS3 version)

Hotline Miami 1 and 2 are both fun ultra-violent top-down shooters. They have almost a puzzle aspect to them in figuring out the best way to clear the level, and have great replay value in that regard.

Metal Slug 3 is a classic. It still strikes me as a little weird it's being sold stand-alone for this price since I'm pretty sure PSP had a collection of 1-6 plus Metal Slug X, but that wouldn't be crossbuy (Even though I just learned there is a PS4 version of Anthology). I could venture a guess that the Vita version of 3 is more arcade-perfect than the Anthology, but that's just a guess.

Mighty No. 9 isn't bad. I got it in a humble bundle and gave it a shot, seems like a pretty competent game...just a ton of disappointment surrounding the development and everything.

Octodad is another one of those bizarre premise games that turns out to be pretty charming and actually kind of fun (But more funny).

Retro City Rampage is a fun homage to the early GTA games with plenty of pop culture references.

Risk of Rain is a fun mix of metroidvania and roguelike with 4 player co-op.

Steamworld Dig is a fantastic Metroidvania, though really quite short. I've heard 2 improves in almost every way, thought I'm not certain if that has crossbuy.

Steamworld Heist is a really fun turn-based shooter spinoff of Steamworld Dig.

Super Meat Boy is a great platformer.

Titan Soul is an interesting indie game that's essentially a collection of boss fights, each with a gimmick/puzzle to figure out to win the fight.

Top recommendations would go to Hotline Miami/2, the Steamworld series, and Super Meat Boy.


User Info: bluewolf51313

1 year ago#6
I highly recommend Axiom Verge, one of the best metroidvania games in recent memory. I don't think it's cross save tho.

Oh, and don't forget Rogue Legacy! It's cross buy and cross save and it's crazy good
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