Just got a Vita what are some good games?

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User Info: Raidens_Revenge

3 months ago#21
Fried posted...
Any good Western RPGs like the Witcher III?

No sadly, there's not much WRPGs on the Vita/ Handhelds like that
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User Info: Link3

3 months ago#22
The entire Ys series, including the PSP games available on PSN.

They're probably the biggest reason why I got one.


User Info: Bugman17

3 months ago#23
God Eater 3 Is coming but no specific Consoles have been Announced yet.

God Eater 2 & Resurrection are PSN Digital Only on VITA however on PS4 G2 RB is Physical while Resurrection remains Digital either way.

Resurrection is a remake of God Eater Burst from the PSP. God Eater 3 will take place years or could even be longer after G2 RB ends.

Unknown also if Code Vein is PS Vita or not but will be on PS4. Hard to tell until we get closer to the release.

G2 RB was PS4, Steam & Vita, I see no reason console would be any different regarding G3.

G3 will be very dark & different the new MC is treated like an Object & is Shackled when combat begins. Suggesting Humanity has betrayed & turned on the God Eaters.

So as you can see VITA is not as dead as people claim it too be.
The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same !!!

User Info: RFC22

3 months ago#24
Fried posted...
Just got a Vita what are some good games on the system? Legit I have no games on it yet.

Trick question!!! There are none!!!
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User Info: CrayonBoy

2 months ago#25
Napael posted...
My recommendations are pretty story oriented and some of them have barely any gameplay since some of them are visual novels.

Zero escape series
Persona 3 & 4
Killzone Mercenaries

Have you ever had a PSP or PS1? There are a lot of good games for them as well.

Metal gear solid series
Ys series
Final Fantasies
Z.H.P. Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger VS Darkdeath Evilman
Tactics Ogre

These would be my recommendations too + one of those Super Robot Wars games (V) ...
YuGiOh/ FFVII: CC/ DD:012/ Type0/ X2/ IV/ III/ XV/ TO/ P4G/ Ao no Kiseki/ SnK I & II/ Nobunaga: Ascension/ DR 1& 2/ VLR & ZTD/ S;G & S;G0/

User Info: Nadster

2 months ago#26
There is so many you can get right now. If I were to name one Vita game. It would be Dynasty Warriors Next.
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