I really hope Sony makes a 3rd handheld

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User Info: PrettyBoyMarth

3 months ago#1
The Vita and especially the PSP are literally my favourite handhelds, ever.

I think if Sony wants to forget about the Vita, they can treat it as a separate entry and just call the next handheld PSP2. It has the "PSP brand" and nostalgia factor from the original.

Also, no proprietary memory cards, how stupid can you be to keep doing that.
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User Info: feraldrgn

3 months ago#2
I agree wholeheartedly, especially on the PSP2 naming.
Also yeah, a machine can be profitable without forcing proprietary memory cards, though they may have to go the Switch route so they can get away with higher game pricing to balance it out.

I'm just disappointed that Sony gave up on researching new battery tech.

There are people within Sony who want the handheld division to continue, devs outside of Sony who want the handheld division to continue, it's just about finding out how they can make it profitable without a complete lockdown.

User Info: dancer62

3 months ago#3
With a UMD drive for 100% PSP compatibility.

If Nintendo can market junk clones of obsolete consoles, imagine a new gen high quality portable with advanced new native games plus the ability to play inexpensive PSP UMDs plus PSN access!

What the Vita should have been.
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User Info: akshat_316

3 months ago#4
I don't think that sony needs to invest in another handheld console any time soon. There is plenty of stuff that can still done with vita. It has everything you need in a handheld. I believe that improving graphical throughput can actually have negative impact. Handhelds are successful because it is inexpensive to develop games for them. That's the reason ds and gba had so many games made for them. Nintendo consoles may lack the power sony consoles have but that's their strength, not weakness.

Vita level graphics (considering the high points of Uncharted, wipeout and killzone) are more than enough for a handheld system. Sony needs to settle down and look to increase their consoles lifecycle beyond 10 years. Let nintendo come out with new hardware. And maybe in a couple of generations they'll catch up to the raw power of Sony.

Having said that I'm all for alternative ways to enjoy your existing games. Like Vita TV for example. That was a great move.

User Info: CrossTru

3 months ago#5
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User Info: Gatsuka

3 months ago#6
Nope. Only would like it if my vita gamed can transfer
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User Info: Helmet_Time

3 months ago#7
Sony makes good handhelds no question. Sony also has ADD. So many things they make have potential, but the company seems to lose interest rather than sticking with it. Move, VR, Vita, the list is long.

It's a shame, but I think they lesson they learned, or wanted to learn from the Vita was "there is no market for handhelds" rather than "we can't just dump something on the market and expect it to make a fortune"

User Info: feraldrgn

3 months ago#8
aks***_316 posted...
I don't think that sony needs to invest in another handheld console any time soon. There is plenty of stuff that can still done with vita. It has everything you need in a handheld.

Unfortunately it can't support newer game engines, so unless a dev creates a game exclusively or puts more time in to optimise, less games will release on the Vita which is why they need to release a new handheld.

User Info: Cidastor

3 months ago#9
I think they need to make a digital only launch handheld console
with apps of anything and everything.

Makes games cost less since it's digital only.

Make PC/ps4 games easy to port.

Campaign it as a cheap way to game on the go with
a diverse set of options.

Don't make people think they need it.

Make them think it's simply a viable option.
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User Info: FSABot

3 months ago#10

Sadly, though still popular in some parts of the world, the system didn't do as well as hoped in the rest of the world, and Sony is quietly retiring the device. "The Vita still sells in Japan and some parts of Asia, but it's not an active line for us in the west," Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan told us in a recent interview. When pressed on whether the popularity of the Nintendo Switch would make the company reconsider, he was firm in asserting that we won't see any kind of revival of the system, despite both he and SIE America boss Shawn Layden having great affection for it.
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