which game made you buy ps vita?

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User Info: zKanoe

5 months ago#61
I bought it once I found out about Tales of Innocence R was on it/existed. It also helps Tales of Hearts R, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Gundam Breaker 2/3, God Eater 1/2, Dragon's Crown, Odin Sphere, Grand Kingdom, Gundam Extreme VS Force, Skullgirls, YS Memories of Celceta, Digimon, Freedom Wars, and Muramasa were released for it too.
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User Info: joelang12

5 months ago#62
bith_the_black posted...
joelang12 posted...
It wasn’t one game it was more of “since the psp had some really good games I can only imagine what this system will get”..... while I have about 70 odd games, the library is sadly nowhere near the psp’s variety of titles.

In what capacity? I mean there is a wide variety of games spread across multiple genres, given some are more prevalent than others.

I just think more 3rd Party devs should’ve jumped on. With the psp I can think of any genre and can prob have at least 5 games in said genre. I doubt you could do that with the vita.

Psp racing games: arctic edge, the NFS series, gran turismo
Psp first person shooters: coded arms 1&2, moh 1&2, ghost in the Shell
RPGs: way too many
Third person shooters: 007 from Russia with Love, the FTB series, syphon filter 1&2
Sports games: we got baseball, wrestling, American football, soccer, boxing games etc
You get the point. But I’m not saying the Vita is a bad system, I bought mine at launch, but its library pales in comparison severely
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User Info: Charged151

5 months ago#63
Persona games and Gravity Rush

User Info: Brettsky128

5 months ago#64
I got into the Ys series hardcore this year, so I bought it specifically for Ys: Memories.
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User Info: ImmortalityV

5 months ago#65
Wipeout probably.
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User Info: Helmet_Time

5 months ago#66
I bought it for Arland Plus and HDN: Re;Birth. Then the hits just started flooding in. Best decision of my life.

User Info: Darkstorm16

5 months ago#67
Back when they were exclusives
Danganronpa series
Steins gate
Uncharted Golden Abyss

On top of
Disgaea series with full dlc
Atelier games with full dlc
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User Info: Noraneko_Vel

5 months ago#68
when was Steins;Gate an exclusive
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User Info: tripZ504

5 months ago#69
Suckered into the remote play for ps3 which never happened.

Got the CoD bundle. Dont regret the buy. Still use it.

User Info: Gotrys

5 months ago#70
Noraneko_Vel posted...
when was Steins;Gate an exclusive

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