So how's that new Touhou game?

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User Info: gadgaurd

5 months ago#1
Touhou Kabuto Burst V or something like that? Looks kinda fun, but it also looks kinda slow. Not sure what to make of it.
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User Info: Susumurin

5 months ago#2
It’s not bad. A little content thin for modern game, but the mechanics are sound. Pacing is more akin to Capcom vs SNK than Marvel vs Capcom for sure.
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User Info: FefnirOmega13

5 months ago#3
I wish they'd bring the Tasofro fighters (at least the ones that aren't Hopeless Masquerade) or the things ZUN has officially had a hand in over to the console.

I'd give my right arm to play Hisoutensoku and IaMP on the go.
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User Info: Reviews2Go

5 months ago#4
Sorry, I had a response written here yesterday, forgot to hit post.

The pacing is pretty slow, but there is a dash mechanic to help speed up attacks. Imagine ARMS for Switch but Touhou and with projectiles instead of punching and that's pretty much what this game is.

The big thing here is content and balancing. There are a lot of characters that are extremely unbalanced. Marisa's skills are crazy OP while some other characters have horrid defense that can get them 1HK0'd from a single Spell Card/Ultimate.

And content is basically the fact that all 9 story scenarios can be cleared in under 3 hours. So unlocking everything goes by incredibly fast and basically just leaves you with Multiplayer.

I'd say that's your big thing. Whether a 3-hour game is worth $30 or if you'd rather wait for a sale. Game is definitely fun. Just unbalanced and very short.
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User Info: Justice98405

5 months ago#5
Wow, this topic got better impressions in the replies than I would have imagined.

I watched BlueMaxima's video on YouTube for this, and it looks like an Early Access game, and NOT in a good way. It looks SUPER bare bones, boring gameplay, lackluster at best visuals, utterly devoid of any true art style of it's own. Granted I haven't played the game, but I've been playing games for my entire life (I'll be 39 next month) so I've gotten extremely good over the years at picking games for *ME* that I will like.

This one didn't pass the test in the slightest. If people are enjoying it, that's awesome. More power to you. And I could very well be wrong with this one, but I doubt it, not knowing my tastes in games.

This game is a hard pass, without a doubt.
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User Info: 94mav98

5 months ago#6
The only touhou game I'm interested in is Urban Legend in Limbo:

Seems the least PS2 budget title looking of the bunch lol. Surprised PQube hasn't picked it up yet.
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User Info: ExaflareBahamut

5 months ago#7
Fun and slow
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User Info: Mike229282

5 months ago#8
It sucks. I spents more hours on Dead or Alive 5+ than this game, regret buying this so called "bullet hell game".
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