I want to buy a Vita but don't want to spend $200.

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User Info: Solar1214

4 months ago#1
Give me your Vita, nerd.

But really, how often are Vitas on sale?
What price can I expect from a sale?
How big of an SD card or whatever should I get?

User Info: Darkrobotisback

4 months ago#2
The vita doesn't support SD cards.
The vita has its own proprietary memory cards. I don't really want to recommend what size you should get, but rather say "if you're willing to leave your comfort zone just to buy a decent size memory card" (prices fluctuate, and they usually tend to be pretty pricey).
^the same also applies to the vita in general. The vita is also hard to find in retail, and you'll be lucky to find a "new" vita @ $200.
I mean realistically, you should be expecting to find a new vita around $225-$300 (unless you're willing to settle for used or a PSTV), maybe a bit more [especially] if it's a rare/low stocked vita bundle.
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User Info: nononoyesyesyes

4 months ago#3
finding a vita new for >$200 is almost an impossibility.
used will fare better results.

unaware of your locale, but theyre rarely if ever available in brick n mortars.
online is pretty much your best bet and even with that...
theyre pretty much all gonna be coming from JP/AS since thats the only viable market that still has them readily on hand.

thing is, even finding a vita for >$200 from JP...
youre still going to accrue shipping costs which'll then balloon any purchase anyway.
though compared to other exporters, at least amazon is more inclined to get your product out the door and to yours faster than most of the other sites ive used/seen.

if you live in the states, my standard recommend is amazon JP.
the seller must be amazon and not fulfilled by or 3rd party.
the colors that are in stock with any frequency are:

another thing is that the memory cards have always been exorbitant so theres not much leeway there.
64GB are only officially sold in JP/AS.
i dont recommend less than 16-32GB.
for perspective, the 64GB could run ya $80-90.

if youd prefer a more native route you could use NA amazon/ebay, but be choosy and diligent regarding end costs since it sounds like money is in an issue.
in the end remember the vita is an investment.

not to add insult to injury, but you may also want to future proof the vita by looking into spare analog sticks.
the slims analogs have a penchant for ghosting after a while.

heres a small list other exporters you may want to look at:
nin-nin game
nippon yasan
ami ami
play-asia (i seldom use and reluctant to recommend em)

good luck and godspeed

User Info: SaturnSnowman

4 months ago#4
I got mine for like $105 used in excellent condition with screen protector, case, and 16 gig memory inside off of an eBay bid.

But I also got extremely lucky and was scouting for a good deal for several weeks.

Realistically you can buy a new one for right around $200 if you look and used ones for around $150.

You may be able to go cheaper like I did bit you'll have to have patience and luck.
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User Info: kingdrake2

4 months ago#5
play-asia is very reputable when it comes to vita's. plus they have colors not available to the US audience. some of which i'm jealous of others for having :(.
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User Info: MrFwibbles

4 months ago#6
The TC is looking for a good deal. Don't recommend him the single most expensive place to buy video game hardware from.
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User Info: Kindred

4 months ago#7
you coulda bought a vitatv for like $30 and play 80% of the library last week
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