Atelier Lydie & Soeur skipping the Vita

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User Info: gamezalv

5 months ago#21
Not surprising given that skipped out on quite a few recent localizations for the vita. At this point you should probably stop hoping for future localizations from KT e.g. AOT2. Btw I find it weird that they are porting which I believe is the last game from the mysterious series. Wonder whether they'll port the previous games as well. I for one would be waiting for a sale before picking this up.

User Info: Raidens_Revenge

5 months ago#22
FSABot posted...
dark-kyon posted...
True gamers just enjoy playing games. people obsessed with specs, and technical aspect are the cancer of this enterteinment.

If you're gonna play games, you might as well play the best quality version you can. Why watch a movie on VHS tapes if it's on Blu-ray?

Sooo...going by this f*** handhelds, phones, and consoles

Also f*** low end PCs
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User Info: Levia_

5 months ago#23
What dover doesn't realize is that any game on Vita will still run better than the worst performing PC version

User Info: ZGMF_600_Guaiz

5 months ago#24
If it's skipping the Vita, then I'm skipping the game on any other platform as well.
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User Info: Compa_Desu

5 months ago#25
ZGMF_600_Guaiz posted...
If it's skipping the Vita, then I'm skipping the game on any other platform as well.

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User Info: wolfing_basic

5 months ago#26
I don't have a Vita, I'll play this on my PS4, but feels to me that if there's a Japanese Vita version, and also the voice/text translations will be done for other platforms, making a Vita version would be trivial (what's left to do, resize the texts for the Vita UI?). I'm guessing this might be a case of Nintendo paying to have it be a 'handheld exclusive'.

User Info: PortableNewbie

5 months ago#27
I was very disappointed with this announcement. I swallowed the fact that KT America skipped a lot of Vita versions because I understood why, but this is just a new low. ): They could have had the decency to end the trilogy properly. Falcom never made a Vita version, so I'm not salty about ToCS 3, but this... THIS!!!
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User Info: Noraneko_Vel

5 months ago#28
Bleh, I'd rather not play them on PC, this kind of games is most comfortable on a handheld. Switch pretty much abandoned portability and has no games so screw that, too.

Bet the Switch version will still have the usual flaws of Vita, maybe even look as s***ty as the handheld version of Blue Reflection, lol. Everyone knows Gust&KT only care about the PS3/PS4 versions. >_>

....well, I guess I'll just wait and see how the prices of Firis and Sour Lydie progress on Vita/Steam.

User Info: Holy7777

5 months ago#29
Make it chinese tranlation so i can buy it :p
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User Info: dark-kyon

5 months ago#30
Holy7777 posted...
Make it chinese tranlation so i can buy it :p

Seem like in China is PS4/Steam only....
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