Help me find a new Rogue-like to play?

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User Info: SSjYagami

5 months ago#11
Not Bard's Gold, tell you that much.
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User Info: Jtrunks

5 months ago#12
@GigaDogqHD posted...
Sorcery Saga

@feraldrgn posted...
GigaDogqHD posted...
Sorcery Saga

It's baby's first rogue-like, has lots of charm.

Yea this was a bad recommendation. I am NOT enjoying myself. It is not gameplay, but the dialogue. There is simply too much. I believe I counted that there are literally thousands of lines of dialogue after the tutorial mission. They could've restructured this a bit better. I just want to play the game and it seems I may never get to if I quit because if all of this pointless talking. This is AWFUL.
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User Info: feraldrgn

5 months ago#13
The talking is what makes the game "awful"?
You could just skip through the dialogue & enjoy the gameplay.

In fact I think there is a button you can hold when there are talking segments to make it auto-scroll & fast forward, could be holding circle, I don't remember but it was either displayed somewhere or I just figured it out straight away.

User Info: MetalZoic

5 months ago#14
Everspace on Xbox. Damn is it good.
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