How is Mary Skelter?

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User Info: Fiyun

6 months ago#21
If you liked Demon Gaze you will probably like Mary Skelter. (Minus Set girls instead of pick your card boards.)
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User Info: bluewolf51313

6 months ago#22
shadowmaksim posted...
First impression of the game for me so far has been fairly positive.

The game really feels like a mix between a more refined "Moe Chronicles/Crystal" and "Dungeon Travelers 2".

I really like the overall aesthetic. While not that dark, it does have some whimsically twisted things going on. Still too early to say much about the story and characters but I'm liking what's there so far.

All the gimmicks and active map elements really helps with keeping the map exploration from getting too stale, though I can see how a lot of it might get annoying for others. The dungeon layouts themselves might not be that great but of the 4 main dungeons I've seen so far, they do look varied enough. Heck, even some of the larger maps as noted above aren't that bad since the encounter rate is pretty lax.

I've been playing on Horror (Hard Mode basically) and other than transitioning into the very beginning of the 2nd dungeon, it's been easy enough so far. Probably also doesn't help that I managed to find a design loophole in Chapter 3 where I've managed to get equipment and items far better than anything I'm probably supposed to have at this point.

Really, the only complaints I have at the moment are that I'm not exactly a fan of the job licenses.and that the function of the menus are kind of subpar.

Overall, the game is definitely meeting my expectations so far. Hopefully it manages to keep it up.


Can u pm me the chapter 3 loophole u are referring to? Thanks!
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PSN bluewolf51313
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