Summon Night 6 avaliable on ps store

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User Info: Dragoondrax

6 months ago#1!/en-us/games/summon-night-6lost-borders/cid=UP8806-PCSE00951_00-SUMMONNIGHT60001

If someone is interested.

I think its a mistake, on the page says its gonna be released on Oct 03. So grab before its too late.

User Info: Raidens_Revenge

6 months ago#2

Shin Megami hentai
The true goddess of Hentai

User Info: TheExiled280

6 months ago#3
What a stealth release

Raidens_Revenge posted...


Q1 2018

I kid, I kid.., hopefully...

User Info: FSABot

6 months ago#4
Better to have it released earlier on digital then keep on being pushed back cuz of issues with the physical version

User Info: purge0809

6 months ago#5
Was about to post this, too. Been waiting for a while for this. But I kind of wanted a physical copy for this game.

User Info: achmed1974

6 months ago#6
Anyone actually buy?

User Info: Landojesus

6 months ago#7
Is this anything like the GBA SN games?
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User Info: Aussie2B

6 months ago#8
Now it's gone. Must've been a mistake.
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User Info: Ryobi

6 months ago#9
I remember this happened to Iffy with the Blanc game. They released on pre-delayed date.

Today was probably the orginal planed released, and it's Tues so that makes sense.
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User Info: purge0809

6 months ago#10
Well at least we know its coming. Been too long.
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