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  3. Any reason why Gust keeps betraying the Vita fanbase?

User Info: Noraneko_Vel

1 year ago#61
mobiles are trash for gaming
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User Info: Ace-of-Clubs

1 year ago#62
FSABot posted...
Noraneko_Vel posted...
Sprinkles_ASAP posted...
Meanwhile the Vita was outdated on release

Actually, 3DS is the one that was outdated, not Vita.
And I'm surprised a Neptunia fanboy has the gall to talk about Vita games being inferior

They're both outdated, its why pure handheld gaming is dead. Mobile upgrades are too fast and furious for handhelds to keep up.

Too bad mobile games are still 99% shovelware. You'd think developers wouldn't be such utter failures at developing halfway decent games for such "powerful" machines.
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User Info: J_B

1 year ago#63
They are both out dated. The difference is 3DS used an extremely successful gimmick with the clamshell and dual screens.

That added life to the system.

The Vita banked on high specs in a time where mobile specs out classes the last year by a lot

I'd say the 3DS had the edge
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User Info: Shiiiru

1 year ago#64
I'm just hoping for a physical copy of Lydie & Suelle for the Switch.

J_B posted...
I'd say the 3DS had the edge

The main thing I liked about the 3DS was that it had some internal storage. OG Vita didn't, and you have to buy those awful propriety memory cards.
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  3. Any reason why Gust keeps betraying the Vita fanbase?
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