What's everyone playing currently on their Vita's? And what's next?

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User Info: Justice98405

4 months ago#81
So I'm back to Ys VIII, having beaten Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS.

And hopefully I'm getting Steamworld Dig 2 on my Switch today, will be playing that for sure!

Ys VIII is one I am going to keep trying to coming back to and plugging away at. I hit 4 hours of time this morning and I'm liking it so far.
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User Info: kidrobot

4 months ago#82
too many to list, but mainly grand kingdom and dissidia 2
next is probably toukiden 1(i really want 2 since its $19 at my gamestop)

User Info: kishnabe

4 months ago#83
Focused on Mary Skelter, Drive Girls, and Mecho Tales.

Getting YSVIII and Danganronpa 3 soon (Amazon is bundling both games at the same to ship....)

Too many games to complete....TOCS 2 has been in my backlog for one year. Vita releases have been amazing the last 2 years, can't complete as fast anymore.

User Info: Aussie2B

4 months ago#84
kishnabe posted...
Mecho Tales.

Curious about that one. Any good?
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User Info: Noraneko_Vel

4 months ago#85
Noraneko_Vel posted...
Could it be that Prey 2017 is actually a...pretty damn fantastic game?
Just entered the lobby and the freedom is overwhelming. It doesn't seem to even restrict the player much, the first weapon is a "build your own footsteps on walls" type of weapon and you can reach your quest targets in many different ways, depending on how you build your character.

Looks great, too, it's pretty much Bioshock in space

Made a lot of progress, this game is just awesome. You're free to do whatever you want (as long as you can get past certain obstacles), it rewards exploration, the enemies are challenging depending on your equipment and the story is pretty interesting. Neuromods give a great number of choices when it comes to how you want to progress. This is definitely BioShock in space.

Can't wait to see what the "scanning" will unlock.
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User Info: MrDolfan

4 months ago#86
I keep coming back to The Pinball Arcade. I could actually make headway though my backlog if it wasn't for this game.

I have an on again/off again love with Persona 4 Golden. I'll play it almost exclusively for a couple of days then not touch it for a week. Good game but I just can't seem to get hooked like many of you seem to.

Next (eventually) : The Sly Cooper games I bought off that last major sale they had. Look great and fun but I just seem to keep playing either Pinball Arcade and/or Persona 4G.
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User Info: dark-kyon

4 months ago#87
Trying to find people online in Valkyrie Drive....
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User Info: Teremei

4 months ago#88
Well I still have to beat DQVII and Metroid. But Ys VIII for Vita, then up next Mary Skelter and then that english release of Bullet Girls yum yum.
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User Info: kidrobot

4 months ago#89
stranger of sword city

this game is hard!

User Info: Holy7777

4 months ago#90
DariusBurst CS

Just can't stop lol.

PSO2 on Vita , wifi in public area , then connect and play or playing on my bed when i am too lazy to turn on my pc

Soon maybe Ys VIII and other games i bought.

PS: how's the english dub in Ys VIII? Any well known english VA in the game?
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