What's everyone playing currently on their Vita's? And what's next?

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User Info: Justice98405

5 months ago#1
I got done with Miitopia over on the 3DS, and wanted another 3DS/Vita game to play while I wait for next Friday and Metroid Samus Returns for 3DS. My overall main game is Mario/Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch, but I usually play a 3DS/Vita game as well.

So I broke out the Vita and finally started playing Hot Shots Golf World Invitational. Sadly I lost my save so I had to start over. But it was pretty fun playing that game again last night after so long since the last time.

I know I'm buying Ys VIII and Danganronpa 3 this month, but as for the next 'full on' Vita game I plan to play, I honestly have no idea. Kingdom Battle goes into Metroid Samus Returns, that goes into Culdcept Revolt (also 3DS) and there's also Steamworld Dig 2 and Golf Story (both Switch) and the big one next month Mario Odyssey, also Switch.

I still love my Vita and will not get rid of it, but it is also a fact that I don't play it as much as I have in the past. But that's okay. I played the first Disgaea finally earlier this year and beat that. It's here anytime I do want to play it and one of the MANY games I have for it. :)
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User Info: AlchemistYazan

5 months ago#2
Oh, umm, I bit the bullet and purchased Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth so I'll be starting it tomorrow. As for games I plan on playing later, Danganronpa V3 for sure and I'm really interested in Mary Skelter: Nightmares and YS VIII so those are maybes.
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User Info: feraldrgn

5 months ago#3
I just got done with Lara Croft GO about 10 minutes ago.
Now I'm playing a bit of Samurai Warriors 4-II because I have a crap load of grinding left to do. :(
Buying the powered up weapons DLC was worth it since it means I don't have to grind up weapons just to finish missions with every story character.

Not sure what's next, I've got Ys VIII pre-ordered so maybe that.

User Info: bloodcoast

5 months ago#4
Currently, Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth. Next is Ys: Memories of Celceta.

User Info: -Meruru

5 months ago#5
Playing currently Odin Sphere LR, next Utawarerumono when finish the anime.

User Info: echa_One

5 months ago#6
Playing Aegis of Earth now.

Still digging through backlog, next will be Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls.

User Info: Sethman409

5 months ago#7
Currently going through Ray Gigant, Deception IV and Soul Sacrifice Delta. Next is Mary Skelter because I'm not getting YS: VIII until November.
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User Info: OptimusRekt

5 months ago#8
Playing MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death and just started the Hard Difficulty playthrough (there's 4 difficulties lol), so I'm guessing I'll be playing that until my hands go numb or the world ends, one or the other. It sure feels like it'll take that long.
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User Info: Aussie2B

5 months ago#9
Still playing Collar X Malice. On Okazaki's route. Outside of Vita, I fully completed The Charming Empire on Steam, started up Gakuen Club, plan to start playing Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome tomorrow, and I'm playing Harvest Moon 64 on N64. Between all those and the fact that I haven't had a lot of gaming time lately, I imagine I have more than enough to keep me busy till Bad Apple Wars. All the September Vita releases I'm getting this month are just going in the backlog.
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User Info: bith_the_black

5 months ago#10
G Generations Gundam and Tales of Hearts R currently. Next will be both Ys and Danganronpa V3.
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