What would you say is the quintessential Vita game?

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User Info: goodtaste

9 months ago#1
INB4 the usual suspects post Nep or Atelier lol.
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User Info: Sethman409

9 months ago#2
Criminal Girls
Ib,Persona 4G,Explorers of Sky,Stella Glow,Cold Steel 2,Bayonetta 2,Uncharted 4,Valkyrie Drive,FE:Fates,Persona 5,Criminal Girls,Senran Kagura EV, Conception II

User Info: MrFwibbles

9 months ago#3
#JRPG2016 Results - http://pastebin.com/mEcXB8Sd
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User Info: fiyeroatheart

9 months ago#4

Persona 4 Golden
Uncharted Golden Abyss
Danganronpa series
One of those Monster Hunter-Clone esque games

As much as people like to hate on HDN or Atelier, they both have very strong presence on this console to the point where they both are very important series in regards to the entirety of the Vita's library.
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User Info: SeikoKimura

9 months ago#5
freedom wars
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User Info: darkzero000

9 months ago#6
My choice:
_Persona 4 Golden for the RPG
_Freedom Wars for hunting/grind
_Dungeon Traveller for crawling
_Muramasa Rebirth for action side scroll
And obviously Nep for all the silly fun=))

User Info: Thomastm3

9 months ago#7
Persona 4 golden

User Info: tamashii

9 months ago#8
Moe Chronicle
PSN: helicene

User Info: 39_Miku

9 months ago#9
You're listening to Radio Happy!

User Info: presea_lover

9 months ago#10
Probably Muramasa Rebirth or Odin Sphere Leif, as both are 10/10 games and these versions are stellar.

Soul Sacrifice Delta also gets some points for being a vita exclusive game of very high quality.
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