Are you satisfied with the Vita?

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User Info: Sethman409

8 months ago#141
Noraneko_Vel posted...
Sethman409 posted...
Those are good games. Though, I have a lot more than 14 I need to buy

Look up Rabi Ribi.
It's a mix of metroidvania and Touhou-style shmups. And one of the best metroidvania games out there.
Shimakaze-tan at 0:50, best girl of course

Well I have my eye on the LRG release. It sounds interesting.
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User Info: rewilo95

8 months ago#142
Yeah, I am. I have gotten more than my fair share of usage out of my Vita with games I've enjoyed. Can't complain at all.
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i love star ocean 2 8 months ago#143
I think the people have spoken
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User Info: singhellotaku

8 months ago#144
sure, i mean, i hardly played actual vita games aside from the rebirth series and p4g, but having it for disgaea 1-4, FF 1-10, RE 1-3 etc. was great.

Its pretty quickly being replaced by my switch, but my vita got a ton of use, my only real complaint was the whole bulls*** proprietary memory card thing.
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User Info: j2zon2591

8 months ago#145
More no that yes.

I'll always remember it as the "What could've been" console.

When I got the XB1 I at least knew I was gonna make use of it only a little.

The VITA didn't top the joy when I was active with my PSP. Almost got there though.

User Info: SplatterHouse55

8 months ago#146
I've never been primarily a handheld gamer, but when I do make time for it, the Vita has been a joy for me to game on. The library caters to my many of my interests, and I've already got a backlog that could keep me busy for years. Personally, it's my favorite handheld that I've gamed on.

That being said, there are more IP that I wish would have hit the system, but I've never regretting owing one. I like what's been released for it, and I love the way the system feels in my hands.
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User Info: CrossTru

8 months ago#147
yeah i am
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User Info: jojopellegrino

8 months ago#148
Overall I would say so, yes. While the selection of (Vita) games pretty much sucks (I dont play RPGs or those hentai games) I think its a neat little device that has the potential to get a lot done. I like playing PS1 games on it actually.
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User Info: BruceCM

8 months ago#149
Since I only just got my Vita & there's plenty of games I want to play, even if no more get released, I'm happy... While there still seems to be quite a few coming this year, at least.
SW-4357-9287-0699 :p Vita: bruce-cm

User Info: CorneliusNepos

8 months ago#150
Overall, it's a great system. My biggest complaint is that not enough Japanese games are being localized for it. Another problem is that there are too many garbage Western games for it.
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