Where to get a Vita?

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User Info: Oneform

7 months ago#11
DominiqueT posted...
Oneform posted...
Thanks for all the advice people.

I did see some in unique colour options (some good) from Play Asia and the retail value was quite cheap. I'm going to check Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk over the next few days but believe I will probably settle with Play Asia.

Amazon jp should be cheaper and faster, for one they only use fed ex for international deliveries and they charge 10 dollars for shipping

That's good to know, will look here when I finish work today. Thanks

INKU48 posted...
J_B posted...
INKU48 posted...
The downsides to importing is warranty issues might be hard to deal with and the minor inconvenience of certain system menus using X and O the opposite way of what you're used to from western PlayStations.

I think you can change this

You can swap the function of O and X completely so that the console will always interpret an X as an O but that's not really practical. That means most UK games would have you pressing O to confirm and X to go back so then the problems is in games instead of the rarely used system menus. In QTEs you will also have to press X if it tells you to press O and vice versa.

I'll keep this in mind.
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User Info: MrFwibbles

7 months ago#12
Play-Asia is probably the single most expensive place you could possibly import hardware from. You can also expect a sizeable customs charge and a very long wait for the parcel to arrive, if you buy from there.

Another option is AmiAmi: http://slist.amiami.com/top/search/list?s_cate4=9743

Superufo have some good/cheap options too: http://superufo.com/
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User Info: INKU48

7 months ago#13
Oneform posted...
I'll keep this in mind.

I really wouldn't recommend it. It was meant as a reply to someone who said you can and what I wanted to say is you can't. Not in a meaningful way.

User Info: denniedarko

7 months ago#14
Wanted to add that I ordered a brand new Vita, white one, and it cost less including shipping then Amazon US.
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