Vita or Switch?

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User Info: Kindred

8 months ago#1
Vita or Switch? - Results (274 votes)
55.47% (152 votes)
44.53% (122 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I prefer my Vita. Not only does it have a well-established library already, but it continues receiving great titles throughout 2017 with many more to come. I can't see the Switch catching up anytime soon

User Info: J_B

8 months ago#2
Switch is already outselling the vita in both consoles and library this year so... -Out weeb me
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User Info: bloodcoast

8 months ago#3
Wow, Vita actually lasted long enough for a "Vita vs Switch" topic.

User Info: LeviathanxBow

8 months ago#4
No both no vote.
If you could rewrite our lives any way that you please, would you tear out the pages of our memories? -Love Pslam, Silent Hill BoM

User Info: marioparty17

8 months ago#5
The one with 96 on metacritic
vita dead starter pack

User Info: feraldrgn

8 months ago#6
LeviathanxBow posted...
No both no vote.

User Info: BobThePhoenix

8 months ago#7
The one with at least a couple of FPSes and racing games with realistic graphics. Does every Switch game have to look like a cartoon? At least Skyrim, FIFA, PayDay 2 and NBA are on the way. Can't think of a single future Vita game I want.

For now the Vita wins. Assassin's Creed, Need For Speed, Madden, Killzone, Resistance, MLB: The Show and God of War > nothing, which is a good summary of the Switch library. |

User Info: gadgaurd

8 months ago#8
Vita, obviously. Switch doesn't offer me much ATM.
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User Info: Holy7777

8 months ago#9
So instead of Vita or 3DS.


Vita or Switch?

are you going to make this kind of topic every week or what?
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User Info: INKU48

8 months ago#10
In June 2017, less than four months after the Switch launched, Vita. In June 2018, I predict it will be a tight race, or at least I hope so. The Switch has great potential and many promising games on the way.
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