Do you still believe in the Vita?

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User Info: J_B

9 months ago#1
Do ya. - Results (204 votes)
47.06% (96 votes)
35.78% (73 votes)
17.16% (35 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Do you still believe in the Vita -Out weeb me
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User Info: Matt-Moores

9 months ago#2
The heck yes I do! >:(
Trust in The Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

User Info: dancer62

9 months ago#3
Um, it's sort of obvious. Tangible goods in the hand, eh? Belief has nothing to do with its existence.

I'm in the material world, I play my Vita in the material world. Philosophically more Descartes than Bodhidarma.
If ballet was easy, it would be pointe-less

User Info: VampireRonin

9 months ago#4
I believe in Vita with every ounce of my being. Playing it is a religious experience and I see the face of God every time I think about the Vita.
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User Info: INKU48

9 months ago#5
The Vita still has plenty of good releases left but it feels like there is very little new development. What we're seeing now is games that started development years ago and is only now finished/localized. This will dry up soon because developers are moving on, globally. Seems the Vita is mostly getting new visual novel game announcements in Japan too at this point. #transformacija #TeamReal #ProjectScorpio #PanzerDragoonOrtaHDpls

User Info: Enigmaticflame

9 months ago#6
Nothing to believe, it exists and I still like it.
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User Info: Forbster

9 months ago#7
Does the Vita believe in me?
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User Info: Galeforce99

9 months ago#8
I Believe! I Believe!
Last game taken off the backlog: Tearaway (Platinum).
Now tackling: Killzone 2, Steins;Gate, Dungeon Hunter Alliance.

User Info: Marshall-LAW-

9 months ago#9
f*** YOU SONY !!!!!! P

I bought your piece of s*** hand held console because of the PS Now Subscription and the lie you told me about how I could play my PS4 anywhere on earth with a good wifi connection. So I got over that lie because PS Now was actually pretty cool on the vita. However now I find out your cancelling PS Now support on the Vita. So your pretty much telling me to bend over and take this cancellation in the ass and simultaneously turning my $150 vita into a f***ing paper weight. I might as well flushed $150 dollars down the f***ing toilet. f*** you Sony and if a XBOX comes out with something comparable to the PSVR you best believe my loyalty just ended.

User Info: Touya999

9 months ago#10
#StrikeAPose Kof Team - Shermie | Kyo | Leona
Bullying sucks. Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. ~Sonia Ricotti
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