Would you trust Sony enough to buy a PSP 3?

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User Info: trent44

11 months ago#1
Would you trust Sony enough to buy a PSP 3? - Results (235 votes)
Yes, I would buy a PSP3 with confidence!
44.26% (104 votes)
Maybe, I would wait a year or two just to make sure they are serious.
26.38% (62 votes)
No, how they treated the Vita still pains my heart.
29.36% (69 votes)
This poll is now closed.
As usual, the rumor mill is in full churn for E3 2017.


Now the question is, would you trust Sony enough to buy a PSP3/Vita2?

Would Sony be in for the long term with first party support?

Would they be able to get full budget third party games long term?

How would the PSP3 differentiate itself from the 3DS/Switch/Vita?
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User Info: Kindred

11 months ago#3
if it was bc physically and digitally with vita titles yes
if it wasnt, maybe. id have to see how it runs and the cost

User Info: Shiiiru

11 months ago#4
Their first-party games flopped on the Vita, and are better suited for home consoles. Nobody bought the AAA third-party games either. Plus niche Japanese games seem to sell better on the Switch. There's really no reason for Sony to release another portable atm with them focusing on graphics, 4K, an VR.
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User Info: INKU48

11 months ago#5
If it has games I want to play. Same reason why I have bought every single console that I own and the reason why I don't have an Atari Jaguar. It has no gaems that I really want to play.

If the PSP3 has good games then I will buy it.
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User Info: Darkbend

11 months ago#6
If it has games I want to play, then yes.
"It mostly comes down to the fact that if you're close enough to touch Batman's cape, you're already unconscious."

User Info: PortableNewbie

11 months ago#7
I wanna see the library first.
Back to playing some PSP/DS games and sort of working on my backlog...

User Info: sundown

11 months ago#8
If it gets the same amount of japanese games the yes but it wouldn´t be a priority, even less if they continue with the stupid propietary memory cards model

User Info: TriangularTwig

11 months ago#9
I really hope Sony is bold enough to go for it. They can correct the mistakes of the vita and get a bigger market share.

User Info: arstos

11 months ago#10
Probably not day one (It's pretty rare I buy any system that hasn't been out at least a few years though), but I loved my PSP and I'm loving my Vita. So yeah, I would.
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